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Software Development Company New York

Custom software development in New York is the design of software applications for a defined user or set of users within an association. It involves ordering, developing, and releasing a software product tailor-made into a single detailed unit.

In this article, we have focused on companies that develop custom software. Using the comparison table, you can decide which company is best for your needs.

1.  Luxoft

Luxoft is the design, data, and development arm of DXC Technology, providing bespoke, end-to-end technology solutions for mission-critical systems, products, and services. 

We help create data-fueled organizations, solving complex operational, technological, and strategic challenges. 

Our passion is building resilient businesses while generating new business channels, revenue streams, exceptional user experiences, and large-scale modernized operations.

2.  Icreon Tech

Icreon is a leading custom software company developing enterprise-grade web, custom, and mobile technologies. They create software that reflects users and their needs. They help businesses grow by emphasizing transparency, innovation, creativity, and longevity.

Founded: 2000

Employees: 200-500

Contact: 212-706-6021 (US) | 0207 052 8244 (UK)

Income: Approx. $75 million

Core services: Business process digitization, technology consolidation, IP and product engineering, data architecture, business intelligence, on-demand digital teams, etc.

Clients: IMG, National Geographic, New York Road Runners, TOTO, XPO Logistics, Ferrari, Panasonic, and more.

Project Pricing: Call them to discuss project pricing.


Works to increase efficiency to achieve 4 outcomes: Connectivity, Transparency, Improvement, and Optimization.

Helps industries grow from top to bottom to initiate revolutions and renovations.

Icreon has provided customized, process-driven digital resolutions to clients in the global market.

3.  ScienceSoft

In 1989, ScienceSoft was a custom software development company serving medium and large enterprises, global enterprises, and premium brands in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking, logistics, oil and gas, education, and telecommunications.

The company supports the end-to-end software development lifecycle, has a strong BA and QA on board, and provides robust support and evolution services.

Founded: 1989

Employees: 700+

Contact: +1214306 68 37

Revenue: $25 million

Core Services Provided: Custom Application Development (.NET (Azure, IIS), Java (Spring 5.1, SpringBoot 2.1, WebFlux, Spring Data, Spring Cloud, Hibernate), PHP (Symfony), Python, Golang, Node.js .), SaaS Development, Web Portal Development (Supplier/Customer Portals, Self-Service Portals, and Community Portals), Native iOS and Android Applications, ERP and CRM Systems, Marketing Management Platforms, AI and IoT Systems, Solutions BI, custom application modernization and cloud migration, etc.

Clients: PerkinElmer, Leo Burnet, Lixar, Harding, and Carbone.

Project price: Contact the company.


Fast and reliable releases through established Lean, Agile, and DevOps culture, high level of automation in integration, testing, and delivery.

Flexible terms and models of cooperation.

Manage new and evolving projects.

Proven experience in distributed and containerized applications, real-time data processing, modular software architectures (microservices), and cloud-native and serverless development.

4.  Enola Labs

Enola Labs Software is a known pioneer in technical architecture, cloud enablement, legacy modernization, and custom software development services with web applications, mobile applications, and fully-featured core technologies. Recent. They strive to provide well-designed solutions to complex complications.

Founded: 2012

Employees: 50+

Contact: (512) 537-6394

Revenue: $167.8K approx.

Core Services: Software Architecture, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Applications, Custom Software, Legacy, Modernization, Consulting Services, Staff Augmentation, etc.

Clients:, HomeAway, Ieiddos, Aristocrat, Airstrip, Pivot, XECO, Insight Optics, B4CC, Ultracraft, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit a quote for pricing.


Enola Labs works with Big Data and has organized data.

Solid and successful in both front-end and back-end development.

User-friendly products and excellent product functionality.

5.  Trigent Software

Trigent is the original creator of the IT outsourcing and offshore software development business. They aim to help their clients “overcome the limits” of accessibility, efficiency, technological complications, time, and reasonable limits. Whether it’s Agile Scrum or traditional procedures, their effort is to collaboratively serve clients to progress with total efficiency and competence.

Founded: Year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five

Employees: 5000+

Contact: +1 (508) 779 6743 | +1 (508) 481 3946

Income: Approx. $541.5 billion for 2010

Core Services: Cloud Development and Transformation, QA and Testing, SharePoint Services, Enterprise Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Business Intelligence, Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services, Enterprise ADM, Mobile App, Services professionals, etc.

Clients: Navistar, NEPC-LLC, The Dingley Press, ELaw, Wiley College, PG Calc, Emerson, eBags, Data Protection Systems, Sentry Blue, ebiz Industries, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit a quote for pricing.


Helps industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, e-commerce, education, etc.

Ability to access a wide variety of experts with skills in the field.

Force access to company procedures and planning.

End-to-end resolutions to report complex complications.

6.  Oxagile

They provide end-to-end custom software services focusing on online video organization and distribution, AdTech, real-time communication, e-commerce, eLearning, big data, and business intelligence. ‘Business. Video-related services are an important part of their expertise in the field.

Founded: 2005

Employees: 231 to 2016

Contact: +1855 466 9244

Revenue: Over $16.7 billion.

Core Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Software Testing & QA, Automated Testing, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit a quote for pricing.


Centralized commercial management.

Benefits businesses with the expansion of Big Data and BI solutions.

Works with the Scrum and Waterfall model.

7.  DevMynd

DevMynd emphasizes people, innovative approach, and excellence in custom software. The project and create custom software applications for mobile, web, and connected devices. Their method combines an invention strategy, UI/UX design, and well-designed software.

Founded: 2011

Employees: 50-60

Contact: 773.492.0209

Revenue: $1-5 million (USD) per year.

Core Services: Innovation Strategy, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, IoT Development, Custom Software Development.

Clients: Motorola, Enova, above, Signal, Opinion Lab, album, Knovation, ANInBev, IBM Bluemix, Udemy, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit a quote for pricing.


Focus on strategy, design, and development.

Provide the best end-to-end services to their customers.

Reasonable price for project development.

8.  OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a leader in IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing that partners with its customers to simplify, empower and transform their businesses. OpenXcell is a team of software engineers, technology experts, and imaginative designers. They are engrossed in distributing splendid software products to their customers.

Founded: 2008

Employees: 100-300

Contact: +1 888 777 4629 | +9 999822 2929

Income: approx. $45.4 million

Core services: Blockchain development, mobile applications, software solutions, web and e-commerce, testing and quality control, real-time solutions, cloud, chatbots, etc.

Clients: Google, Unilever, Motorola, UTV, Conagra, University of Florida, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit a quote for pricing.


Young, energetic, and creative team.

Secrecy and confidentiality are their priority.

9.  Transition

Itransition helps large and medium enterprises and startups design, develop and evolve software that meets their ad hoc requirements and conveys ideas to the lifecycle. They are convinced that the future is digital. From business process investigation and modeling to systems engineering, they provide custom facilities to strengthen the integrated digital initiative, where all the structures work.

Customers receive ECM, EDM, ERP, CRM, and custom applications that address business integrity, communication, and association issues and increase employee throughput.

Founded: 1998

Employees: 500-1000

Contact: 375173004004

Revenue: Over $10 million

Core Services: IT Strategy and Consulting, Application Development, Product Engineering, System Integration, QA and Testing, Application Management, Maintenance and Support, DevOps, Custom Development, Big Data Analytics, etc.

Clients: Adidas, Toyota, SSI, HAI Group, eBay, PayPal, PepsiCo, Expedia, Xerox, OMS, IBM, etc.

Project Pricing: Submit a quote for pricing.


They proposed a complete “consult-design-develop-test-implement-maintain services” cycle.

I transition focuses on providing IT outsourcing services for healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, banking, and finance industries.

In this article, we have discussed the top custom development companies available in the market. There are other custom development organizations available in the market. Still, the above mentioned are the most popular, and their services are the most secure.

We have discussed all the custom development companies regarding their features, cost, company size, ratings, and the services they offer. The comparison table will guide users in choosing the company according to their needs.

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