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Software Leasing: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in the right technology is vital to preparing your business for the future and increasing efficiency as time moves on. However, this typically requires large investments that not all businesses are capable of making. Software leasing helps reduce these large investments by making the latest technologies more accessible and affordable to you and your business.


Software Leasing: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Leasing Software?

Leasing software is exactly what it sounds like. It may seem strange to rent software rather than buy it outright, but leasing is becoming increasingly common. When you lease software, software leasing companies own it and let you use it in exchange for monthly payments determined in a contract.

2. Who Can Benefit from Leasing Software?

Small-scale businesses are the most likely people to benefit from leasing software. A smaller business most often doesn’t have the budget to keep up-to-date on all the latest technologies they need to keep operations running smoothly. Deciding to rent versus buy is often the smartest choice for such businesses.

3. What’s the Main Benefit of Leasing Software Versus Buying It?

When you buy software, you often have to pay for updates or buy the software all over again when a new version comes out. This isn’t usually the case when you lease software. The company leasing it to you will ensure they always have the most up-to-date version of the software you’re using, so you won’t have to shell out for the software all over again like you’d have to if you were the owner.

This ensures your business always has access to the best and most up-to-date software that is available to you. You won’t get left behind by businesses with bigger budgets for purchasing new software versions all the time. It’s essential to stay up-to-date within your industry, and leasing software ensures you can.

4. What Are the Financial Benefits of Leasing Software?

If you wish to buy your software outright, then you’re putting in a huge financial investment that will only grow with time as you have to update the software. This may not be within your budget for the quarter or even the year. However, it’s far easier to make a little room in a monthly budget, and that’s the budget that will be impacted when you lease software. This gives you better cash control, which is vital to any business’s success.

You’ll often have several packages to choose from, so this makes it even easier to determine what plan suits your budget.

5. Who Provides Maintenance on the Software if Something Goes Wrong?

When you lease software, you’re not responsible for maintaining and repairing it. Lenders shoulder the cost and time investment to keep the software running smoothly. This makes leasing software and equipment the absolute best option for a company that can’t afford to shell out maintenance costs or keep an emergency fund for potential problems with the software the business uses.

Leasing your software is the smarter financial option for a lot of businesses, and it takes away much of the stress involved with keeping up-to-date and maintaining your software accordingly. Finding the right company to lease from takes a major burden off your business’s back.

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