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Tech companies are getting into fashion, and how are they doing?

Nowadays, people’s lives have been fully penetrated by technology companies. This week, UPLIVE, the international live broadcast platform under Asia Innovations Group’s (AIG), has made a new attempt to cooperate with the female fashion e-commerce platform, Hekka Fashion, brought a renovate show to New York Fashion Week on February 15th, 8PM.

Instead of the traditional fashion show, UPLIVE invites hundreds of influencers on their streaming platform to attend and stream the show, including Queenbuenrostro, Jailyn Ojedo, Bennit the Rapper, and more. Also, the show embedded multiple elements such as the opening singing performance by its long-term collaborated singer Arci Muñoz, and the dancing performance in the middle by some streaming hosts from UPLIVE.

Compared to the previous try by Tiktok to collaborate with Fashion week, UPLIVE seems very ambitious and provides more opportunities to their influencers to showcase their talents instead of simply attending the show as front-row guests. 

Maye Musk, a supermodel, and also the mother of Elon Musk, attended the show wearing Hekka X Keppi new line. She expressed her supporting to diversity and inclusion at the red carpet, and explained that is why she believed UPLIVE is doing the right thing to provide opportunities to emerging influencers.

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