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The Gym Wear Trend: Be Comfortable and Stylish

Do you want to be comfortable without having to sacrifice your style whenever you go out? Of course, you can enhance your outfit by wearing some of the trendiest gym wear around. But the age-old question is, can you wear them outside of the gym? 

Is it socially acceptable to wear sweatpants, bike shorts, or leggings to the mall or a grocery store? Find out more about casual athleisure below.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure is a type of clothing people wear when working out, doing physical activity at the gym, as well as when they run errands. Two main factors that can decide whether gym clothes can be worn outside are comfortability and aesthetics. So, if you find gym clothes with these characteristics, you are pretty much set with your casual athleisure look.


You may have heard people say that fashion hurts. And from tight pants to painful shoes, it does apply to some styles. However, more and more people are favouring comfort now. After all, looking good will not matter if you constantly make faces that show how uncomfortable you are in your clothes.

The main purpose of gym clothes is to make you as comfortable as possible no matter how much physical activity you do. And the comfort that gym clothes bring is what truly made it such a trend among the younger generation. They are comfortable on the body, and they can look good as long as you choose the right combination.


From regular people to celebrities, you will see pictures of people from all walks of life on social media wearing gym clothes outside because not only does it look good, but it feels good as well. That being the case, clothing companies and fashion brands have picked up on this trend and are now putting some of the trendiest gym clothes out there.

You can find form-fitting leggings that not only complement different body shapes but skin tones as well. In addition, you can find stylish sweatshirts that you would usually only see during the cold seasons as they are now worn all year round. 

How to Wear Athleisure

You can wear gym clothes when going to the supermarket or hanging out with friends as long as you know how to mix and match them. So, the first thing you should think about when choosing clothes to wear is to keep up with the current trends. You have access to the internet 24/7, so it will be easy to find the current style.

Second, you can check its functionality. For example, if you are going somewhere rather hot, you can pick gym wear that is odour resistant and dry quickly if you get sweaty. Third, you may want to have a few pieces of athleisure that have neutral colours because they will match with pretty much anything.

Fourth, it would help if you still considered the occasion and your destination. For example, you may not care about going to the grocery store wearing leggings, but you should wear a more appropriate type of clothing when going to the mall or when shopping. Finally, you can accessorise to further enhance your look.

Wearing gym clothes is all about feeling comfortable in what you are wearing to be confident whenever you are out and about. Fortunately, you can find stylish athleisure online that keeps up with the current trends in fashion.

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