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To know exactly what is yours – get a land survey.

If you are currently in the market to buy or sell land, you really should have some kind of professional survey done for the whole area. If you are the owner of the land then you probably think that whatever the plans say when you bought the property are correct, but many people find that they are wrong after the fact. The same applies when you are buying land because just because the owner says that the land stretches from here to there, it doesn’t mean that that is exactly right. Getting some kind of survey tells you an incredible amount of information about the property and it helps you to make better decisions so that you can understand exactly what you’re going to own and that gives you a better idea of its true value.

There is lots of important information that you can get from a land survey like the precise boundaries of the whole property, the location of certain structures and things that have been added on or improved upon and anything else that could affect how you use the land. It is also a very important consideration to know whether or not the land that you are buying gifts frequently flooded as this could totally change how you can use the property. The excellent thing about a professional land survey is that extremely accurate measurements are taken by using modern technology and when they give you the final measurements then you can be sure that they are correct. The following are some of the other benefits of getting a land survey done.

  • Is it fit for purpose – You may have an idea in your head about what it is that you want to do with this particular piece of land but then you need to know the proper layout in order to be able to make the right decisions. If you’re using the land to build your first home then it is important to know what lies above and below the ground as well. You do not want to be fighting with your new neighbours because they think that the boundary ends in a certain location when the land survey says otherwise.
  • Building structures – If it is your wish to build a home or business property on the land that you’re thinking of buying, then you need to understand things like underground pipes and utility lines that run beneath the property. You do not want to be hitting any underground water pipes or electricity lines because you will end up having to pay to get them repaired.
  • The boundary lines – As was mentioned briefly before, you can’t take the seller’s word about where the land begins and where it ends. Knowing exactly where the boundaries are will give you a better idea of what you can do with the property and allow you not to worry when you are on vacation and work is being done.

This is a significant amount of money that you will be investing because as we all know, land and property is not cheap.

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