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Local Dentists Can Help Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the most common reasons people schedule a dental appointment outside of their checkup schedules. When tooth pain strikes, it can have multiple causes. Dentists will perform thorough examinations and imaging studies to determine the cause of tooth pain. Getting to the root cause of the hurt helps determine the best treatment for relief.

Tooth Pain


What Causes Tooth Pain to Occur?

Multiple reasons can cause teeth to begin hurting. Local Dentists will find the cause of tooth pain and help their patients get relief. The following are some of the most common reasons for tooth pain. Realizing these reasons will help people get the comfort they need.

  • One of the most common reasons for tooth pain is decay. When a tooth starts decaying, openings in the enamel and dentin lead to nerve exposure. Once the nerves become exposed, they grow irritated and can cause severe pain.
  • Another reason a tooth might hurt is an injury. Injuries to a tooth can become acutely painful, depending on the severity. Injuries that expose nerve tissue are more likely to cause pain.
  • Tooth pain may also stem from infections. A tooth abscess causes pain that is often unrelenting. Tooth infections need treatment immediately because they can worsen, and the bacteria could enter the bloodstream.
  • A tooth may also start hurting because of enamel erosions. When tooth enamel becomes worn, hot, cold, and sweet foods and beverages often lead to painful nerve sensations.
  • Damaged fillings also cause tooth pain. A filling will only last several years before needing replacing. Once the filling becomes damaged, nerve exposure may occur and cause pain.

Tooth Pain Varies in Intensity

Tooth pain can present in different ways, depending on the cause. Mild tooth pain is often caused by minor erosions. Severe and throbbing pain often means an injury, infection, or decay is the cause. Finding the reason for tooth pain is integral to getting relief.

How Will the Dentist Treat Tooth Pain?

Most everyone will experience some degree of tooth pain in life. Toothaches can occur at any age. Acute tooth pain needs immediate attention from a dentist because the reason for the discomfort could be serious.

The dentist will examine the patient’s tooth and take X-rays. With an examination and imaging studies, the dentist will discover the cause of the pain. If the issue is decay, removing the damaged tooth tissue and filling it will offer relief.
Infections are treated with antibiotics, and tooth injuries are repaired in much the same way as cavities. The sooner a person seeks dental care the sooner they will find relief from their severe pain.

Schedule a Dental Appointment Right Away

Dealing with an agonizing toothache is stressful. Pain is especially difficult to handle when one cannot find relief. Those who are suffering from tooth pain need to learn the cause so they can receive the right treatment to stop the discomfort. When severe tooth pain strikes, getting to the dentist immediately will help.

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