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Top 5 Ways to Smoke Marijuana

One of the best gifts that nature has for us is cannabis. Cannabis fibers, or hemp, are derived from these plants and used in several industrial applications. For example, hemp fibers can be found in construction, clothing, paper, and so much more. However, many people more commonly use the plant in a simpler way, that is, through consumption.

Marijuana or the parts from the cannabis plant are used recreationally and medically. In the medical field, marijuana has shown many promising effects on people with cancer. Research is also being done on how marijuana helps with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other conditions. 

With recreational use, marijuana is safer and healthier compared to opioids, meth, and even alcohol. Most of the time, people often consume marijuana through smoking. However, as times have been changing, the ways we consume marijuana are also improving. Aside from smoking it, there are many ways to enjoy nature’s gift. With that said, here are the top five ways of smoking marijuana:



One-hitters are small pipes with just enough room to squeeze in cannabis for one hit, hence the name one-hitter. These pipes are often made from ceramic, brass, wood, and glass. One-hitters can be small and often look like cigarettes. However, some pipes can be bigger than usual one-hitters.

Many discreet smokers favor one-hitters as they’re small and easy to use. Another advantage one-hitters provide is that it burns one flower at a time. As one flower gets burned thoroughly, you can be sure that there aren’t any half-burnt flowers in your bowl. The disadvantage with one-hitters is that it can get inconvenient if you’re at a gathering or if you’re a heavy smoker.

Oil Burner Pipes

Although one-hitters are similar to oil burner pipes, they’re actually quite different. An oil burner pipe is made out of durable glass called borosilicate glass. These types of glass can withstand more heat, making oil burner pipes ideal for smoking weed. 

The difference between pipes and one-hitters is that pipes have a carb or vent that promotes proper airflow. Proper airflow allows better combustion, therefore increasing the quality of the smoke. Also, with a proper carb, users can control the temperature and rate at which the weed burns.


Spliffs resemble cigarette sticks and have tobacco and cannabis. These cheap DIY cigarettes are made with rolling paper. There are also commercially produced spliffs or joints which are machine rolled. 

Spliffs are often confused with blunts. Blunts are cannabis that are rolled into a cigar. They resemble thin cigar sticks and are often brownish and may produce weed resin. Instead of rolling paper, users can use a dried-out tobacco leaf or cigar wrap to make a blunt. Blunts aren’t recommended if you don’t like cigars, as they could give off a different taste than what you’re used to.


Bongs or water pipes are used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs. Many people enjoy using bongs because they’re clean and durable. The hits you get with bongs are also great as the smoke gets filtered through the water. In addition, the smoke that comes up to the user when inhaled is clean and isn’t irritating.

Aside from its uses, many people love having bongs and often treat them as cool figurines or collector’s items. Bongs can have many designs but have the one simple purpose of giving their users a great time smoking weed. 


Dabbing is one of the simplest and direct ways to consume cannabis. With a dab rig, users can enjoy a cleaner yet more concentrated hit. Dab rigs have pipes strong enough to vaporize cannabis oil and concentrates. These rigs also have a water filter base, but the hit is a bit stronger because of the vaporized plant material. This is also the reason why dabbing isn’t recommended for beginners.


Although there are many more ways of enjoying marijuana, the ones mentioned above are some of the most popular. Since marijuana is a blessing to those who use it properly and responsibly, it’s only fitting to find more ways of enjoying it.

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