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Top 6 Techniques To Gain More Leads Using Instagram Stories

Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform with over 25 million users worldwide. It allows users to create short and engaging videos. With the everchanging trends, people dynamically swift between following and unfollowing your account. It is not an easy task to turn the audience into your followers. It needs some techniques and strategies to drive them towards your account. Still, marketers are confused about how to increase their engagement on Instagram. Many are wondering how to grow leads on Instagram? 

According to surveys, the best way to drive traffic to your sites is to create engaging Instagram stories. If your Instagram stories could get more likes, views, and comments, it would be easy to generate more leads. Apart from stories, Instagram reels are also driving traffic to your account. So, If you are a marketer looking for good engagement for your videos, buy instagram reels views and turn the audience’s attention towards your videos. 

Let’s discuss a brief on the techniques to gain more followers with interesting Instagram stories. Let’s begin! 

6 Techniques To Grow Your Leads With Instagram Stories

1. Instagram Lead Ads

Instagram lead ads are specially designed for businesses to collect information like email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, jobs, etc., of your target audience and customers. Then, it helps your brand to promote through the direct marketing campaign. More simply, 

the ads manager on Instagram shows a column on ‘Lead generation,’ where you have to choose specific criteria like marketing objective, audience, placements, ad format, etc. After selecting all those, you can create your lead form. 

2. Leverage Your Audience Base

The best way to increase your audience base is to make your existing audience promote your business. For instance, if your customer buys a product from your company, have a clear call to action. As a brand promotion, you should encourage your viewers by celebrating their purchase, posting it in their Instagram story, and tagging it with your brand account. If your followers post by tagging you, never fail to repost it on your stories. Another way is to check on the competitor’s strategy on how they engage the audience on Instagram. If it suits your business best, try utilizing it and gain more followers on your list. 

3. Use Question Stickers

It is easy to start a conversion with your audience as a new brand by using question stickers. Question stickers allow the audience to explore more about your brand, and in the same way, the brand can explore the audience’s perspectives about their products or services. With better interaction, brands can build a healthy relationship with customers. In addition, brands can identify the problems people are struggling with and derive solutions accordingly. 

4. Build Specific Landing Pages

In the CTA of Instagram stories, you shall include your website link. When users click on the link, they should get an engaging landing page. So, build your landing page with a compelling message and attractive images. It is best to make them read or watch for a long time on the landing page. Also, make sure you give the correct link to your Instagram stories. The right link will immediately bounce to your reach rate. If you need to build a strong online  presence, then get free instagram reels views to get better reach to the global audiences. 

5. Use The Instagram Swipe Up Feature

The swipe-up feature is more enjoyable to use in your Instagram story. It will make more followers on your email list. For brands having more than 10k followers on your Instagram account, add a swipe-up option and engage your audience. In the swipe-up option, you can add to gain extra information about your products or services. Otherwise, you can make followers join as email subscribers or join your free class, etc. Swipe up feature make it easy for the story creators to inform customers about the products apart from the contents in the stories.

6. Host An Instagram Giveaway Competition

Every user loves to get things free from the contest. So it serves as the best way to generate leads. If you have less number of followers, then contact them to share your competition on their videos. If you post the contest in your story, it may reach a wider audience. Make sure you provide freebies, vouchers, coupons, etc., as a giveaway for your brand contest. Your contest or competition should be worthy, and you should gain the audience’s trust. 


The effectiveness of your Instagram story lies in the number of likes, views, and comments. The higher the likes and views, the higher the opportunity to grow more leads. If you keep an eye on the analytics of the Instagram stories, then you can go viral instantly. Be creative and strategic and deliver high-quality content to convert your audience into followers. We hope the above article will give you insights on how to warm up and acquire quality leads. Apart from this, several strategies are there to generate leads on Instagram using Instagram stories. So, choose the best technique and grow your leads.

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