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Top Five Health Benefits of Gin

Gin — a drink made predominantly from Juniper berries, has witnessed a phenomenal turnaround.

Its advent in the 18th century didn’t intrigue many people. However, today, the global population and the Aussies love a glass or two of this fashionable drink. The numbers tell the entire story.

Gin experienced the largest growth in Australia, with a consumption rate increase of 1.6% in an average four-week period.

The most crucial aspect is that Australian gin offers phenomenal health benefits apart from the fascinating recreational effect. Obviously enough, you must drink it responsibly. For example, it’s not healthy to drink an alcoholic beverage after the Covid-19 vaccine, or in other similar circumstances. Hence, below are solid reasons how a bottle of gin can refresh and benefit your health in this hot Aussie summer.



Five Health Benefits of Drinking Gin

The taste of gin is exquisite as Juniper berries are phenomenal ingredients. The following five reasons add to the excitement of grabbing a gin bottle right now.

1.     Super Berries Effect

As mentioned earlier, gin is made from Juniper berries. These berries are natural disinfectants and offer the following benefits.

  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Assistance in fighting liver disease
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Excellent source of vitamin C

A bottle of refreshing Aussie gin can certainly offer these ‘super berries’ in a stunning glass. In addition, these berries are incredibly stimulating and rich in antioxidants.

The presence of juniper berries results in several health benefits. Hence, gin is gradually gaining widespread popularity.

2.     The Anti-Ageing Effect

Gin contains flavonoids that offer various health advantages like regulating blood circulation and improving heart health, and the antioxidants present in it contribute to the anti-aging effect.

Therefore, drinking gin in moderate proportion can lead to a healthier body. These health benefits significantly contribute to younger-looking skin.

The overall effect of drinking gin is favourable for the slow ageing process. So, stay young with some delightful gin glasses! 

3.     Conducive to Bone Health

Many people suffer from bone issues like arthritis. In some cases, these conditions are inevitable.

The overall combination of ingredients in gin makes it an anti-inflammatory drink. Hence, you can relieve joint pain and fight inflammation.

However, consuming alcoholic drinks like gin in controlled proportions is always crucial. A health expert can suggest a suitable quantity for consumption.

4.     Alleviates Sore Throat and Cough

Juniper berries are recommended ingredients to cure a sore throat. In addition, these berries can relieve lung congestion.

Hence, gin can combat all signs of persistent sore throat and cough, thereby making it ideal for controlled treatment. Further, this wonderful drink is compatible with many foods.

This property allows home remedies with gin to become highly effective. 

5.     Good Option for Type One Diabetes

Doctors recommend that diabetic people should stay away from alcohol. From Queensland to Western Australia, the story remains the same.

However, gin does not push the blood sugar levels due to its low-calorie content. Hence, compared to the other alcoholic drinks, gin is your best bet.

People with diabetes can join their mates with a bottle of gin, ready to enjoy a nice party.

Summing Up

In moderate and controlled proportion, Australian gin can become a wonder drink. The secret to such phenomenal benefits lies in its main ingredient — Juniper berries.

Moreover, Australians are showing an increased preference for gin over other drinks like whiskey or vodka. You can witness a steady rise in gin’s popularity with such health benefits.

Further, enticing gin recipes in the lovely Aussie distilleries add to the refreshing taste of gin flavours.

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