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Trends and Predictions On Instagram for 2020

An overview of all the main Instagram trends for 2020. What predictions can be made? What forms of digital marketing will be successful?

What are Instagram’s development predictions for 2020? What trends will characterize the fastest growing social network of the moment? And which forms of digital marketing will be successful in the platform?

These are questions that any social media marketer must ask themselves, in order not to be unprepared in the coming months. Excluding Instagram from good planning, as well as not knowing how to make the most of it, in many cases can mean a substantial loss of effectiveness in online marketing actions. If in reality, Instagram isn’t the perfect channel for every type of company – it works poorly in those that operate in the B2B field, for example – most can use this social network to develop extremely valid communication activities.

Knowing all the opportunities offered by Instagram is essential. Considering that the team that determines its evolution is in constant ferment and continuously introduces innovations and new features, it is appropriate to immediately look into perspective. What can be expected in 2020? What are the most awaited functions that can bring new life into the use of the platform for marketing communication?


IGTV will have more and More Visibility

IGTV is the new Instagram platform entirely dedicated to the publication of videos designed specifically for mobile devices. It was launched last June and is already receiving growing attention and interest from users. The peculiarity of the IGTV videos is the format: vertical and therefore perfect for a smartphone display, which is usually held vertically in the hand.

Estimates say that in a period of between three and five years IGTV will be able to equal YouTube in the use of online videos. For this reason, companies must start thinking about their presence on this platform as soon as possible. For example, by creating videos longer than those already available on Instagram. The trends will be precisely that of a progressive prominence of medium and long-term videos, an aspect that has been present on YouTube for some time, and that will soon conquer Instagram with its IGTV. Looking ahead, longer videos could also invade Stories and the Instagram feed and not remain relegated to IGTV.

Live Streaming will Become one of the most common ways to use Instagram

The live stream is less and less a typical use tool Instagram by rowdy kids and prone to egocentrism. On the contrary, influencers, vloggers, and users capable of producing quality ideas and content are already making more use of it, with encouraging results in terms of acquired consensus.

Companies will not be able to back down: they too will have to develop communication models specifically designed for live streaming on Instagram. Presenting new products or the life of the company can become extremely engaging in a live stream. If the webinar is an elective and exclusive space in which people enter and create a reserved and focused relationship with the company, streaming is a public showcase in movement, which must aim to amaze and involve energetically and emotionally.

Stories will have Even More Effective Advertising Models

The Instagram Stories are considered for many users the true heart of the social network. This great appreciation from the public is tempting to marketers, who know very well how Stories can be an extraordinary vehicle for extremely engaging forms of advertising.

The advertising Stories allow advertisers to place their ads among the stories published by users, resulting in a highly communicative force. Developing visual campaigns specifically designed to achieve the highest quality in Stories is one of the must-haves for 2020. In all likelihood, Instagram developers will implement new forms of advertising for Stories and marketers will have to learn how to make the most of them.

Direct Sales on Instagram Will Grow

Instagram users are on average more sensitive to commercial proposals than those of other platforms. In general, product direct-purchase posts published on Instagram receive more conversions than those posted on other social networks – for example, Facebook. If you have a site with an e-commerce platform, you need to make the most of Instagram to generate new sales.

Both in the Stories and the standard images of the feed, you can publish posts that allow you to make immediate purchases. They are the so-called “stoppable posts”, which feature a bag icon in the corner of the screen. The user can touch the icon and immediately access the details that present the characteristics of the product. From here it is possible to purchase a dedicated button, which refers directly to the product sheet of the company’s e-commerce site. In addition to this solution, in the Stories, it is possible to tag products. In general, companies in 2020 will not be able to help but test the opportunities offered by Instagram to generate direct sales.

Chabot’s will be Increasingly Used

Even on Instagram, catboats can be a very useful tool to manage the relationship with users more quickly, especially if you have a very strong following of users who want to open conversations.

In many cases, users ask simple and standardized questions. If you can outline a good amount of them, you can program catboats to immediately satisfy the most common questions with immediate and sufficiently relevant answers.

Targeting Influencers Will Pay off More and More

That of ‘ influencer marketing is not a new trends & Predictions, but in 2020 it always will strengthen more. In a universe – that of social media – dominated by those who have more followers and a higher number of consents and interactions, the companies that will be able to dialogue with the protagonists of advanced Web 2.0 are those that will be able to reach the largest audience shares.

Always inventing new ways to involve influencers, both the top and micro-influencers will also be essential in 2020. Using Instagram for this purpose will be essential, especially in those market sectors where the visual aspect matters most, such as fashion., cosmetics, tourism, and food.

All forecasts and trends for 2020 see Instagram growing steadily. So, you can also read Buy real Instagram Likes UK for major services. At the moment there is no competitor capable of countering its hegemony in mobile, so marketers will have to learn to make the most of every function of this social network to field winning communication actions.

If you want to support in the implementation of digital marketing actions for your company, we at Communication Village are at your disposal with our expertise. These are trends tip on growing your business by making the most of online marketing.

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