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The fame of fast food is on the boom nowadays yet there are fewer quality places. But Wimpy is a name that you can trust blindly for its quality food.

You must love food even though you are not a foodie. And the irregular food cravings need to be satisfied. Your go-to choice is most of the time fast food. For such cravings wimpy is here to cater to you. But what is wimpy?

Let’s get to know about Wimpy in detail.


What is Wimpy?

Wimpy is a chain of fast-food restaurants that was originally started in the United States. It made its way to fame and the restaurants are present in many countries now. But the biggest outlets that are as successful as the original outlet is in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Wimpy was the first restaurant to transition to the establishment of counter-service which became the trend of other fast-food restaurants later.

This brand serves quality food that abides all the hygienic standards. It has got all kinds of fast foods for your taste buds to relish. They have got their signature taste and style that they have been carrying on for years. Their interior design and sitting arrangements follow the United States style. All other brands and outlets adapted these features later.

So, let’s see how it started in South Africa.

Wimpy in South Africa

Wimpy opened its first branch in South Africa in 1967. It was only in Durban’s Murchies Passage area at that time. When wimpy started the business here, the business bloomed even on the first day. Over a thousand people came to the restaurant on the day it opened. It was because the restaurant was a well-known name all across the globe.


Wimpy is always open to serving you through its online and on-the-spot services. You can dine there as well as get takeaways of your favorite food. There are several other interesting services that wimpy offers. Let’s know about them.

Food and Menu

You will get tons of food items of a wide variety at wimpy. They have a different menu for every meal with plenty of options. The breakfast menu has all kinds of sausages, eggs, and bread. If you want to have lunch here, you can choose classic burgers, iconic burgers, big cheese, and beef burgers, and many more. In beverages, wimpy has all kinds of coffees, hot drinks like hot chocolate, light drinks as lemonades, and delicious shakes.

For kids, you can have fun and light foods as per their liking that are frank combo, chicken sticks, and many others.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with scrumptious desserts like cakes, and ice cream, etc.

If you are searching for halal food, don’t look anywhere else and come to wimpy. They have a special halal menu to cater to your requirements.

Kids Special

Wimpy has a special service designed to cheer up kids. This makes wimpy so special as they offer collectibles with kids’ meals. You can order a combo meal and get collectible items like board games and cartoon characters set.

Another fun thing with a wimpy meal is the storybooks for kids. All these stories are based on South African traditions, folklore, and other stories. Wimpy uses the services of special authors and illustrators to design these books so that your kids can have a good storytime along with a meal.

You can hold a birthday party or any celebration party at the restaurant. All you have to do is reserve the place and the staff arranges all other things according to your liking.


You can win many rewards through the app. The wimpy app offers many fun rewards like digital coins along with every order. You can use these coins to pay for meals too and send the vouchers you get through the wimpy app. But if you fail to use them within a year, they will go wasted.

So, keep using the wimpy app to enjoy thrilling benefits and have a meal at a reasonable price.

Our Take

If you are finding a place to enjoy food and satisfy your cravings, wimpy is the right place for you. The ambiance of the restaurant makes the food enjoyable while the app makes it easier to have a fun meal at home. While enjoying your favorite fast food you can check UK49s results today. Hundreds of people from South Africa win daily prizes from this online game. It is as simple as ABC. You just need to study a bit about hot and cold numbers of this game and try you lunch with the numbers. No wonder if you win a handsome amount in prize.

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