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The Best Things About Visiting SeaWorld

Parents planning family vacations have a lot of options, especially when they want to visit popular destinations like San Diego, Orlando, or San Antonio. For those who aren’t in the know, all three of those cities have one thing in common: they’re all home to SeaWorld theme parks. Read on to learn about some of the best things to expect when visiting SeaWorld on a family vacation.


Special Events Included

When families pay for admission to most theme parks, they have to pay extra for special events. SeaWorld does things a little differently, providing guests with a full experience that varies by season for the same price. Parents working on low budgets can even lookup Seaworld promo codes that can be used any time of the year.

Amazing Animal Encounters

Kids love meeting and interacting with friendly animals, and that’s just what they’ll find at each of the SeaWorld parks. Visitors will get the opportunity to see all kinds of aquatic animals, from stingrays and penguins to killer whales, and they may even get the opportunity to touch a dolphin or feed a sea lion.

World-Class Shows

On any given day, SeaWorld usually hosts between four and five world-class shows. Each of them is different, too, which means that guests can keep themselves occupied watching graceful animals and talented cast members perform for a good part of the day. Some shows even feature special effects, fanciful costumes, and acrobatics.

Fun Rides

Families don’t just head to SeaWorld to commune with nature and get to know new animals. Kids and adults, alike, also love these parks’ state-of-the-art rides and attractions. Visitors to SeaWorld Orlando can even ride the Kraken, often referred to as the city’s most underrated rollercoaster. Many of SeaWorld’s rides and attractions also feature themes that draw visitors in even while they’re waiting in line.

Educational Opportunities

Kids love to learn, as long as they’re presented with information that interests them in a format they can understand. SeaWorld offers all kinds of educational opportunities for children and their parents, alike. The parks focus not just on teaching visitors about the different animals in their care and the ecosystems they normally call home but also on instilling a love of animals and ocean conservation.

Old-Fashioned Fun

Many of today’s theme parks focus on thrilling rides that are designed to be as scary as they are entertaining, but younger kids rarely enjoy those kinds of activities. SeaWorld offers parents of younger children a welcome break from scarier themes and gives the whole family the chance to participate in some good, old-fashioned fun.

SeaWorld Provides an Amazing Value

Planning a family vacation on a tight budget can be tough, especially in popular tourist destinations like Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio. Buying discount tickets to SeaWorld gives parents and their kids a full day of fun for far less than it costs just to get in the door at many theme parks, leaving more money in the budget for shopping, meals out, and other fun activities.

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