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What Age Can You Start Braces?

Have you ever met kids with crooked teeth? Most of them are less bothered about their smiles as they can rarely differentiate between a crooked and a perfect smile. However, as a parent, you should be worried as this may affect their confidence in their later life. You might be forced to take them to a dentist for evaluation over the teeth position, ability to bite, and the treatment course that can be adopted to change their outlook. Your dentist will determine whether your kids need braces or not.

Many research studies have been carried out to try and explore the ideal age over which one can start wearing braces. However, various factors ought to be considered before a conclusion is made. Therefore, if you have been pondering over age and braces, continue scrolling down the article and get everything you need to know about these braces and the age at which your kids should start wearing them.


Orthodontic Evaluation

Before deciding whether your kids have attained the ideal age for wearing braces, the best thing you can do is get an orthodontic evaluation by the time your child is seven years old. But this does not mean that your dentist will prefer the use of braces at this age. 

You need to know that at the age of seven years, the back bite of your child will have finished growing. The aspect means that the dentist will be able to evaluate the relationship of your child’s teeth from both sides. Such an evaluation is key as your orthodontist will be able to identify a current problem affecting your child and predict future issues that are likely to occur. Based on the results, the dentists or the orthodontist will determine the treatment that will be ideal for your child. For more information about kid’s braces, you can visit to the website of harbour family orthodontics.

How early can one start wearing Braces?

Traditionally, the use of braces was adopted when a child has lost most of their primary teeth, and a majority of permanent teeth have grown. Research studies have shown that this occurs between 8 and 14 years. If treatment is needed at this time, interceptive or preventive care will be adopted depending on the orthodontist’s evaluation. Your dentist may use other forms of dental appliances at this age, not necessarily braces. However, at a later stage, your child may undergo a second phase of treatment using dental braces. The choice adopted by dentists or orthodontists depends on the severity of the condition affecting one’s teeth. Therefore your child may start wearing braces at an early age of 10 years.

Signs your Child May need Braces at a younger age.

Conditions such as difficulties in chewing or biting soft food, misplaced or crooked teeth, or teeth that do not meet, mouth breathing, and late loss of baby teeth, can be reversed using  braces. However, this depends on the dentist or orthodontist’s evaluation.

Bottom Line

Although a lot of research has been carried out to try and identify the ideal age when one should start wearing braces, the decision is left in the hands of dentists and orthodontists. In most cases, the severity of the condition affecting your kids helps in determining whether braces will be used or not. If you still have questions, it’s best to reach out to professionals like this Dentist in huntington park so they can sort out any confusion you’re having.

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