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What Conditions Can an MRI Diagnose?

If you are wondering whether it is worthwhile for you to get an MRI scan from your health provider, the first factor that you will look into is whether an MRI scan may be beneficial for you and what conditions an MRI scan can diagnose. Then, here is a guide to just some of the conditions that can be helped by an MRI scan and what conditions may be able to get treatment earlier due to this type of scan. 

  1. Cancer

MRI scans are often used to find any tumors in the body, including those in the spine, brain, bones, and lymph nodes. This MRI scan can determine the size and location of the tumor, although patients will need to have a biopsy performed before it can be known whether the mass in question is, in fact, cancerous. If this is the case, patients may be offered surgery to remove the tumor, as well as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or both, as these treatments can help to kill and reduce the cancerous cells and prevent the cancer from returning. 

  1. Arthritis 

If you have been experiencing joint discomfort in places such as your back, hips, and knees, you may be able to get an MRI scan from Express MRI to ensure that your condition is arthritis and not a health condition that is life-threatening. Once your arthritis has been diagnosed, you might then need to make certain lifestyle changes to prevent the condition from worsening or to stop you from experiencing so much severe pain. You might also be offered certain medicines, which can come in the form of injections or even surgery. Some people also look into the value of certain herbal remedies that have been shown to potentially reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis. 

  1. A Stroke

If you believe that you have had a stroke, which is when the blood supply to your brain stops, you will be able to get this, as well as the amount of damage that has occurred to your brain, diagnosed with an MRI scan. MRI scans can allow medical professionals to see your brain tissue and to make conclusions about the impact that the stroke has had on this tissue. You may then be offered medication that can help to reduce blood clots and blood pressure within your body. 

  1. Heart Disease 

Although you might think that MRIs are always focused around the brain and spinal cord, this is not the case. Instead, MRIs can also be used to diagnose heart disease, of which the symptoms are chest pain, shortness of breath, and numbness in your hands and feet. Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death across the world, and an early diagnosis can allow you to be given the medications and to make the lifestyle changes that you need to live a long and fulfilled life for many years to come. 

Then, if you believe that you have one of these conditions or another condition that MRIs can help to diagnose, you should not hesitate to schedule an appointment for an MRI scan which could benefit you and help you to get much-needed treatment. 

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