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How the Plastic Bottle Went from Miracle Container to Hated Garbage?

In the early 1980s, the plastic bottle was hailed as a miracle container, changing how we drink and transport our water. In the 1990s, supermodels started carrying Evian water bottles on the catwalk, proving that the bottles were safer than tap water. As a result, consumers were lured into thinking they could always have water at hand, and the bottle quickly became ubiquitous in our lives.

Glass Bottles for Soft Drinks

In the last decade, the number of Hydros Life bottles discarded has increased substantially, resulting in a dramatic increase in littering. In 2016, fewer than half of all bottles were recycled. The new PET bottles have an average of 7 per cent recycled material. Before the bottle was invented, consumers returned glass bottles for soft drinks. In response to this recent trend, beverage companies actively promote recycling and oppose any legislation requiring consumers to deposit their empty containers.

Valuable Resource for Farming

Plastic bottles have been proven to be a valuable resource for farming. They can be used to grow herbs or used as a fence for agricultural uses many countries, including the U.S., recycle plastic bottles. But in the U.S., these bottles often end up in the trash. This means that they consume energy to produce, and the materials end up in landfills without decomposition.

Discarded Plastic Bottle

Since the 1970s, the bottle has become ubiquitous, but there are ways to reuse it. You can use plastic bottles as piggy banks or as vases, and you can even paint them. This will allow you to track your savings in real-time. You can also use them as vases or to hold plants. In addition to these options, you can create a reusable and attractive item from a discarded plastic bottle.

Fortunately, the plastic bottle has become an essential resource for the environment. It is a great way to keep harmful substances out of the ocean. It is even helpful in making outdoor furniture and fencing. For example, the recycling of PET, a material made from polyethylene terephthalate, can be converted into detergent bottles and recycling containers. It can be recycled into floor tiles, drainage pipes, picnic tables, benches, and more.

Closed-Loop System

Recyclable plastic bottles are straightforward to recycle. They are easy to compress into a 1,000-pound bale. Once mashed and resold, they can be sold as commodities. Most plastic bottles are sold every month, which helps fund a closed-loop system. However, the recycling of PET bottles is still expensive, and there is no clear way to get a higher price for recycled bottles.

It’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic waste make their way into the oceans every year. That is one-fifth of all plastic waste and makes our oceans a trashcan. But there are ways we can save them. Several companies have partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency and have set goals for increasing the percentage of post-consumer plastic in their products. You can also recycle laundry detergent bottles to make pencil cases. And if you are the proud owner of a small business, you can even buy extra caps and decorate the bottles with different designs.

Market Opportunity

The plastic bottle has had a troubled history. It was first marketed as a miracle container, but the truth is that it’s now just another trash can. And now, many companies are trying to turn this issue into a market opportunity. As a result, they’ve lowered prices in the market. PepsiCo has even banned the use of single-use plastics in its offices.


While many of us still hate plastic bottles, there are solutions. The problem is that we’ve become too dependent on the bottle. We’ve become addicted to it, and its use has become the worst waste of our world. The plastic bottle is a popular material for packaging and a wasteful waste source. In the United States, about 240 billion bottles are recycled each year. But only thirty-one per cent of them are recycled. That means that more than a trillion of them end up in landfills or our oceans.

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