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What do dental implants cost?

When researching clinics and procedures, the cost of dental implants is a regular query. 

As with any service, we like to compare the cost of each treatment to make sure there are no outlying quotes or prices. 

So, what do dental implants cost – and what else do you need to consider? 



Should the cost of dental implants be clearly displayed?

The most trusted dental implant clinics will clearly display their pricing – there is no doubt about it. 

They understand that transparency and open communication builds trust with customers, so they don’t gatekeep key information. 

They will also make it clear that the average cost of dental implant procedures can only ever be given as an estimate until you go in for a consultation and advise you to expect reasonable adjustments to expected prices. 

 If you find a provider that offers woolly estimates – doesn’t offer pricing information at all – you might want to consider why they don’t want you to know their prices in advance. 


What is the average cost of dental implants? 

Every dental clinic that offers implants should warn you that finding an average cost of dental implants is difficult, because of two factors:  

  • Dental implants are a fully bespoke service 

Every dental implant treatment is completely individual to each patient and is therefore difficult to generalise. 

Some patients will need extras, including alternative anaesthetic options and/or bone grafts or sinus lifts, while some will need more straightforward treatment – making it harder to give patients an idea of what dental implants cost without a consultation. 

  • Implant treatment differs from clinic to clinic 

While the component parts are likely to be similar, fitting a patient for dental implants can differ widely from one clinic to another. 

In some, patients opt for true smile-in-a-day dental implants, when they are fitted with dental implants and a prosthesis on the same day before they return for a permanent prosthesis later. In others, they are fitted with only dental implants and leave with a denture for a few months, before returning for their prostheses. 

These differences have implications not only for your treatment but also for the expected cost of dental implants. As such, it is essential you fully research the type of dental implant treatment you would prefer and then compare prices for that specific dental implant treatment, like for like. 


What does the cost of dental implants include?

As you compare prices, ensure you check that the cost of dental implants is an all-inclusive price or remember to factor in the cost of added extras. 

This will ensure the average cost of dental implants in your comparisons is accurate and true.  

Common added extra costs include:

  • Consultations 
  • Scans and imagery 
  • Alternative anaesthetics 
  • Bone grafts/ sinus lifts 


What is a reasonable dental implant price?

With all of these things in mind, is it even possible to get a fixed dental implant price?

If you feel disheartened, don’t despair – it is still very possible to find an average cost of dental implants across the UK. 

Some providers offer dental implant prices per jaw and for both jaws, which can range anywhere from £9,900 per jaw up to £15,500 – 17,000 per lower and upper jaw respectively, or from £19,000 for both jaws to £28,000 for both jaws. 


Find dental implant prices today 

If you spend some time researching and talking to dental clinics, you then can successfully compare the average cost of dental implants for providers across the UK – giving you an answer to your query once and for all. 

This approach might not only save you some money but will also ensure you definitely choose the best quality dental implants for your budget.

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