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What Does A Community Health Nurse Do?


What Is Community Health?

The healthcare system in a lot of communities is as good as it should be, but the overall condition may cause an improper treatment of diseases and environmental hazards like violence. Community health aims to address all these issues by providing treatment in such communities where proper treatment is not provided to citizens for several reasons like lack of resources, poverty, or insurance.

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What Is A Community Health Nurse?

A community health nurse is a professional nurse that works to provide support to infants, children, and adults in different communities. They are registered health professionals whose job is to identify the health problems in a community and provide appropriate treatment to the patients.

Role Of Community Health Nurse

A community health nurse is inclined to provide the traditional treatment to the patients by diagnosing the disease and providing appropriate treatment to those who can afford it; however, besides these traditional support services, community health nurses are also responsible for spreading awareness in these communities and educating people about the diseases and the treatment.

They often serve as educational resources for the public to educate them about medical conditions and how to prevent them. They play a vital role in spreading awareness about several diseases like breast cancer and are a valuable source of education for patients and their families.

Here are some of the duties that a community nurse must perform:

  • Analysing the problems in the community and coming up with solutions.
  • Educating people about health conditions and spreading awareness around serious illnesses.
  • Show sensitivity towards other religions and cultures while treating patients from different communities.
  • Providing in-home services to patients and families.
  • Performing free health screenings for common diseases like diabetes.
  • Distribute public health information to schools and different platforms in the community.
  • Describe how insurance works for the patients and their families.
  • Provide counselling to people who are at high risk.

Where Do Community Health Nurses Work?

The daily duties of the community nurses depend on the location of the communities they are serving, like rural and urban areas. They work in many different areas depending on their skillset and the age of the population. You may find community health nurses in the following places.

  • Clinics
  • Schools
  • Veterans Facilities
  •  Nursing homes
  • Homeless shelters
  • Aged Care facilities
  • Prisons, etc.

Importance Of Community Health Nurses

Community health nurses can be the most underappreciated healthcare professionals, but that doesn’t make them any less important than others. In fact, community health nurses are one of the vital parts of building an effective healthcare system in any community. A community nurse is not only responsible for treating patients and their families, but one of the most significant parts of their job is to educate people about diseases so they can prevent them.

This kind of work is much needed in rural areas where people do not know enough about many diseases and don’t have the means to educate themselves on the matter. They fall sick and don’t have the resources to get proper treatment which only results in an increase in disease, and community health nurses help in keeping the diseases in control by spreading awareness around it.

If more people knew how to prevent disease. In that case, fewer people will get affected by it, and this is why having community health nurses is extremely important for the healthcare system to run smoothly in these communities.


If you are looking for services related to NDIS Community Nursing Care, reach out to Complete Connect. They have a professional team of nurses who are trained to increase awareness and treat patients in communities. Contact them, and their support workers will help you to the best of their abilities.

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