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What Inspired Him To Be A Painter? A Word with the Painting Sensation TAU

It is no secret that painting is an art form where the artist expresses their emotions, thoughts, artistic vision, and desires on the canvas. But more than that a painter connects to their audience through the way they explore and experience the world. So, it won’t be wrong to say that a piece of art is an extension of an artist’s personality. 

Many artists believe their artistic creations are their own stories of love, hardships, etc that allow people to get drawn to their work of art. That is exactly what Cubism-abstract artist TAU’s art is all about. For this talented artist, he puts his soul on a blank canvas, telling a colorful story of hope and positivity. 

TAU, a blue star found in the constellation of Scorpio with luminosity 1350 times that of the sun, was the inspiration behind the artist’s alias. His love for anatomy, the universe, and space attracted him to go with the name TAU. As soon as he came across this term, he felt an instant connection with it, as TAU represents him, both as a person as well as an artist. 

Growing up, TAU had difficulty hearing. He was, in fact, born with a hearing problem. Where most people would consider this as a hurdle, the Cubism-abstract artist turned this ‘weakness’ into his strength. “I had a hearing aid in my ear that would beep all the time and often distract me. I would turn it off and live in my own inner world and start filling my notebooks with sketches and drawings,” TAU shared. And that was the beginning of his journey into the world of art that continues to date.

However, there were other significant instances when TAU knew that art was his true calling and purpose in life. At the age of eight, when he watched Wall’s Street by Olive Stone he was taken aback by a particular scene that featured Picasso’s painting. “This was one of the most significant first moments as a child when my passion for painting really arose,” he emphasized. Although he believes that it is almost funny and ironic that the most capitalist film inspired the creativity and spirituality within him, his creative eye saw what most people couldn’t. 

According to TAU, he feels that his life experiences have played an important role in his artistic journey. He has lost many loved ones; be it friends or family and has even lost many great business opportunities that he regrets even today, However, painting is one way he manages to clear all those regrets as he can truly express himself through his creations. Much of this comes from his introverted personality. 

TAU was a quiet child but his imagination and thoughts were always vivid and loud. This made him extremely sensitive towards the outer world. He would feel things more strongly than others would. But things weren’t always the same. Initially, TAU had a love-hate relationship with his work. He would often doubt himself and wish he had more confidence. However, with time he is finally at peace with his complex thought process, and in fact, that’s what makes him one-of-a-kind. Perhaps that’s why he has always looked up to Picasso for inspiration. 

Even though he has other inspirations like Dali, Marc Chagall, Van Gogh, and Paul Klee, Picasso holds a special place in his heart. But the dynamic artist credits his pain and suffering with his ability to relate to Picasso’s art. Picasso’s paintings, technique, and confidence in creating something magical have motivated TAU to bring his pieces to life. 

What sets him apart from his competitors is the fact that most of TAU’s art comes from the emotions within him. As a child, he did not have many friends due to his speech problems and introverted personality. This caused him difficulty in communicating his emotions, but today, his work speaks for him. 

Despite his difficult childhood, TAU does not regard himself as a tormented artist. “The pain does not control me, I am simply aware of myself, my motives, and personal experiences. I studied myself and learned how to channel every experience into inner strength,” he revealed. TAU’s understanding of the art world is beyond what most people have. Just like art has helped him come out of his shell, he hopes that it inspires thousands of others to do the same. Because a world without art is a world not worth living in!

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