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Renowned Artist Brandon Carrillo Shares His Love for Sweet Treats

Fitness is important for both sportsmen and actors, and so, having a sweet tooth when you’re associated with either of these professions can be a personal challenge. The same is the case for boxer-turned-actor Brandon Carrillo. Being associated with sports as well as the world of entertainment requires one to look a certain way, which means having a fit body. However, maintaining his love for desserts as Brandon trained to stick to his desired body goals has been a challenge that he’s cherished as much as he cherishes a good melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat.

Brandon Carrillo grew up a Yankees fan and had a lot of admiration for athletes. That is perhaps what furthered his desire to become one as well—though, he took a different route and ended up in a boxing ring instead of a baseball field. He had a thing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), to the point that he would spend hours in the gym training for it. And ultimately his hard work paid off when he became the 2014 Blue and Gold heavyweight Gold medalist as well as Golden Gloves heavyweight silver medalist. 

Although boxing was his passion, he soon discovered that he had another passion and that was acting. His career in Hollywood officially started when he did his first movie ‘Big Time Adolescence,’ an action movie with a twist of comedy. It was then that Brandon Carrillo discovered his true love for acting and his passion for comedy roles. While he considers acting to be his true calling, what he loves most about acting is the fact that he gets to live more lives than just his own every day. Whether he gets to essay the role of a policeman, a lawyer, or a cowboy, he makes sure to bring the characters to life with his amazing performances.

Considering his determination to grow in both the professions he’s been associated with, it is no surprise that he has always wanted to stay at the epitome of fitness and belong to a certain weight class and body type. However, throughout this journey, he has been faced with his personal kryptonite: desserts! From vanilla to chocolate and everything in between, Brandon Carrillo takes his love for sweets very seriously. When asked about how would this talented boxer turned actor describe himself in a few sentences, he shared, “I am a fun guy with an easy-going demeanor but I believe in keeping a small circle. I love to joke around with my friends and loved ones and most importantly I have a huge sweet tooth.” 

Now this clearly shows how much he loves his sweet treats!

Although maintaining his weight goals is important to him, that has never stood in the way of him enjoying a delectable caramel apple pie or a classic chocolate cake. He believes that denying yourself the things you love takes away from experiencing life to its fullest. “I am imperfect,” he said laughingly, trying to justify his thought and love for desserts, “but I try really hard to stay in shape and maintain my weight!” He believes that he can still stick to his athletic body goals by putting in some extra hours at the gym, so there isn’t any point in losing out on the great pleasures of life. 

His journey as an emerging artist has not been easy, but all the struggles have been worthwhile. Brandon Carrillo is set to make it big in the industry with his upcoming work, Power Book 2: Ghost Series, and he is incredibly excited about it. Reiterating his personal philosophy, he left us with this pearl of wisdom that brings his different passions together very nicely: “You can only control so much in life, after that you leave it to fate. I plan on focusing on what’s in my control: my own happiness.”

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