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A Conversation with the Up Coming Boxer -Jay Smoove

For generations boxing has managed to captivate the hearts of its fans all around the world. The sport became a global craze after fighters like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Mike Tyson took the world of boxing by storm. Professional boxing lost some of its appeal in the early 2000s, but with the rise of boxers venturing into the entertainment industry, the sport has once again regained its popularity and is here to stay. As boxing continues to evolve, opportunities have emerged for new comers to take carve a niche for themselves. Jerimiah Rios, more commonly known as Jay Smoove, has taken full advantage of this golden opportunity and is making headlines with his incredible boxing skills. We sat down with the aspiring boxer, Jay Smoove, to get to know more about him and what his future goals are. 

What got you into boxing?

Jay Smoove: I got into boxing when I was little, I’d say maybe when I was in the 3rd grade. I used to watch videos of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray and multiple others like Prince Naseem, Floyd, Pacquio while growing up. As time went by I felt that boxing is my true calling. And since then I have never looked back. 

At what point in your life did you decide to pursue boxing as a professional career?

Jay Smoove: I started boxing around 13, but didn’t really take it serious till I was 20. What inspired me to become a professional boxer was the passion I had for the sport of boxing and seeing all the renowned boxers live out my fulfilled dream of being the “man” or a “competition”. 

Do you have any role models?

Jay Smoove: I don’t have any role models. Actually, I inspire to be my own role model/person. I am me, I am my own person, I am one of a kind and I am different from others. 

What measures do you take before you entering the ring?

Jay Smoove: Well, before any match I do a lot of practice. Moreover, before entering the boxing ring I make sure to take deep breathes and then go with a winning mentality, so I walk out a winner. 

Did you face any challenges while starting your boxing journey?

Jay Smoove: Yes, I faced a lot of bumps in the road when it came to fighting in the amateur’s league. I had trouble staying consistent because of all the other distractions I had around me and there was nobody to guide me to stay focused. But I had faith in myself that one day I will make a name for myself.

What are you doing to give back to your community and make this world a better place?
Jay Smoove: I am constantly putting myself in other people’s shoes, and reacting in a way I’d want someone to react if I was in a position of struggle. To be honest, I love giving back to the less fortunate because I know what it feels like to have nothing, I love inspiring others to want to be alive and allowing them to be mindful along with helping them fulfill their purpose in life.

Tell us more about your experience and achievements as a professional athlete/boxer. Is there any advice you would like to give to new comers? 

Jay Smoove: My biggest achievement would be over coming self-doubt and fear along with changing who I wanted to be as a person. Apart from that, I believe that changing my life around is an accomplishment in itself as transforming yourself is not that easy. It took a lot of dedication and motivation, blood sweat and tears, because when I started off all my time would be spent in the gym. I would like to advise everyone to stay dedicated and focused even when you feel like giving up on a bad day. Basically, fall in love with the improvement and just press forward.

Do you have a mantra of success? Jay Smoove:

I have a pretty simple formula that keeps me steadfast and diligent on my journey. I keep telling myself that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” I aspire to become a unified champion and undisputed champion, and there’s nothing that can stop me from achieving for that.

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