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What Makes Dubai the Best Place For Desert Safaris?

Desert Safari tours are an amazing experience since you get to visit the heart of the desert on a fast speeding vehicle. There are numerous spots around the world for it but we believe that Dubai is still the best option for anyone who wants to have a good Desert safari experience. In this article, we have lined out why trips with reputable companies like Desert Evening Safari in Dubai is just what you need to get a memorable Dubai desert safari evening. So let us see how booking a tour with them can help you out.

Features of A Desert Safari In Dubai

Pick Up Service

The first thing that you should know is that Desert Evening Safari offer a complimentary pickup service. You can designate an area in Dubai or Sharjah and the company’s professional drivers will come and pick you from the spot. This way, you won’t have to worry about reaching the right place because Desert Evening Safari will help you out.

Dune Bashing

Nothing fills your adrenaline like a high-speed chase across the desert while you bash into mighty dunes with your 4×4 vehicle. Desert Evening Safari offers the largest SUV collection so that you can choose a vehicle of your taste. All their cars are well maintained and checked for fitness regularly which makes your trips worth it.

Food and Beverages

These tours also offer you complimentary beverages like soft drinks, water, traditional coffee (Gahwa) along with the most exotic BBQ dishes. It will ensure that you have a unique experience filled with tons of cuisines. You can also get your hands on unlimited snacks like Shawarma and falafel to ensure that your stay remains one of a kind.

Camel Rides and Henna Designs

 You also get tons of free camel rides and henna designs for women and children. It will make your trip to Dubai far more fun than just sitting around in your camps.

Dance Floor and Music Systems

What is a night out in the Dubai desert if there is no fun and music? Fortunately, desert evening trips are coupled with amazing dance floors and powerful music systems so that you can dance your heart out. You can enjoy all this while resting around your dinner table with the best pillows and comfortable sitting.


These trips focus a lot on entertainment and offer tons of activities for families that they can enjoy together. Tanoura Show, Belly Dance and Fire Show are some of the most popular programs that you can witness with Desert Evening Safari. All of these activates will ensure to keep you going throughout the night till the Sun rises in the sky again.

These tips are full of similar amazing perks which makes them just what you need for your next desert safari. We agree that you can visit a desert safari anywhere around the world but we still suggest reaching out to the mighty Arabian Desert in Dubai because your experience here will be one of a kind.

You can also opt for other fun activities like ATV riding and it does not matter if you do not know how to ride them because we have professionals to train you. These professionals will stick with you, throughout the trip to ensure that it is safe and sound.


With all that said, you can see that opting for a desert safari trip in Dubai is by far the best option for you. We still suggest contacting professionals like Desert Evening Safari for the best evening desert safari deals and trips. We also request you to let us know how your experience goes because your satisfaction is our top priority.

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