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What Outfits Should You Wear With Men’s Suspenders?

Suspenders, also known as braces, are a fashionable accessory most men have in their closets. They have existed since the 1800s and are still stylish, whether adorning the casual or formal look. Additionally, men’s suspenders have evolved through the times and come in different designs that one can choose from but are categorized into clip-on or button-on.

Clip-on suspenders have clips, are more accessible, and are mostly made from leather, while button-on has loops to attach onto and therefore require shorts or pants to have buttons. This article covers the different outfits that you can with men’s suspenders on different occasions.


Suits or Tux

Most men have several suits and a tux or two in their closets meant for a formal event like a charity or wedding. You can get suspenders to accessorize your outfit from retail clothes shops or buy online. Avoid flashy ones and stick to black and white when wearing a tux.

Suits worn to work, semi-formal events, or weddings go well with buttons-on. When worn to work, men’s suspenders create a professional look and help hold your pants all day. When wearing a suit, they should be covered by your jacket for that professional look.


This common street style stays in fashion and can easily be incorporated into your everyday look. Traditional jeans can easily be turned into a classier look by adding suspenders, and you will step out looking modern. Jeans go well with clip-on ones, especially with a white shirt or flannel; neutral-colored ones complement dark-colored denim and a light-colored shirt. Whether wearing slim-fit or baggy jeans, pairing them with suspenders gives the ultimate casual look.


Whether a regular or bow tie, you will achieve a great vintage look when used with a suspender. The trick is to avoid matching the tie and suspender; instead, use different prints to achieve a great vintage look. Slimmer ties look better when used with suspenders than wider ties. However, there is no harm in harmonizing your tie’s color with that of your suspender. Play around with the many colors and prints available for a more creative look.


Shorts often bring out a casual look; most men wear them during summer. For an easy but chic casual look, use suspenders together with your shorts. Apart from achieving a more polished look, they help to keep your shorts from falling or riding up.

Shirts and Sweaters

The general rule for wearing shirts and suspenders is to ensure they are darker than your shirt. Long sleeve shirts are often the best selection, but collared button-up short-sleeve shirts would also look great. Additionally, sweaters should be fitting and of thin fabric as puffy sweaters look uncomfortable and puffy when used with suspenders.


There is a wide variety of men’s suspenders depending on one’s preference and style. They help keep pants or shorts in place and give a stylish and unique appearance. The changing trends in fashion have seen them become conscious about their appearance, and their need to become more stylish and appealing has grown hence adopting suspenders into their wardrobes.

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