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What to Consider When Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Couples often look forward to their wedding days for years. It’s important to get every detail right, but that takes a good deal of work. Start planning well in advance and make sure to consider the following factors.

Location and Venue

The first thing any couple needs to decide is where to hold the wedding. Some couples choose to tie the knot at home so the whole family can attend, while others plan destination weddings with more intimate guest lists. Either way, the choice of venue is extremely important.

When choosing a venue, couples should think about factors such as their budgets, the size of their guest lists, and what kind of vibe they’re going for. For example, Villa Russo is an excellent option for anyone in New York City who wants to find an elegant yet affordable banquet hall.

Catering and Menus

Some venues offer catering as a part of their wedding package deals, which can make the entire process of providing food and drinks for guests much easier. Full banquet services allow couples to plan multiple menu options that accommodate a wide range of dietary choices. Be sure to consider the potential guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences when coming up with a menu, and don’t be afraid to ask a wedding planner for help.

If the venue doesn’t offer catering as part of a package deal, things can be a little trickier. Couples will have to find their own catering services. Set aside plenty of time to research local options and read through customer reviews, because not all catering services are created equal, and the guests will remember the quality of the meal.

Wedding Dates

Couples have to set their wedding dates well in advance today. It’s not just that good wedding venues tend to book far into the future. There’s also a lot of extra demand now as a result of couples putting off wedding plans during the pandemic. Plus, guests are more likely to have conflicting commitments.

There’s no right or wrong time to hold a wedding, but most professional wedding planners suggest setting an autumn wedding date, especially in the Northeast. The weather tends to be more reliable, it won’t be too hot to stay comfortable in formal attire, and the cost of travel won’t be as high for guests heading in from out of town.

Wedding Planners, Consultants, and Coordinators

Because planning the perfect wedding can be such an ordeal, most couples choose to hire wedding planners early in the process. Those who don’t have it in the budget to hire a full-time wedding planner can opt for hiring part-time consultants and coordinators instead. 

Working with a wedding coordinator means tackling most of the preparations solo but having someone on-hand to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. Hiring a consultant allows couples to get expert advice regarding essential planning tasks without having a full-time planner. Couples can expect to get help in the form of a blueprint that makes solo planning easier rather than personalized recommendations.

Start Planning Early

If there’s one thing that every couple should prioritize, it’s getting the planning process started early. As a general rule, starting the process one year in advance should offer enough time to plan a local wedding. More elaborate destination weddings may take even longer to plan, so get started as soon as possible after making the decision to tie the knot.

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