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What you Should Know in Hiring a Part-time Maid

In today’s busy lifescape, we barely have time away from our jobs to cook, clean, and do the things we love. As the dishes in the sink pile up, and countertops start to get a layer of dust on the surface, you constantly find yourself with less time to do your everyday tasks.

One of the modern conveniences Maid Service Vancouver in cleaning services is being able to hire a part-time maid instead of a full-time cleaner or an expensive deep cleaning service. Part-time cleaners typically spend a couple of hours helping you with cleaning chores and the upkeep of your home, so you can enjoy a comfortable and clean home at an affordable cost!

There are a few things you should know before you start scouting for a part-time cleaner. For one, manage your expectations of the cost, schedule, time, and scope of work done in your home so you don’t get overwhelmed. Other factors to consider include the agency you’re hiring a cleaner from, and what it means to hire a part-time cleaner instead of a full-time one.


What does it mean to hire a Part-time Maid?

You may have heard that full-time maid services are costly, and are reserved for rich households that can afford to hire consistent cleaning services regularly. A full-time maid typically provides cleaning services to only one household at a time, and is hired directly by the household for cleaning duties that may include babysitting, cooking, and other chores.

However, a part-time maid keeps a tight schedule of cleaning tasks for several households, including commercial spaces and offices. Where a full-time maid works in the household all day, a part-time maid only provides cleaning services for a couple of hours.

The big difference between a full-time cleaner and a part-time cleaner is the cost of their services. Full-time cleaners are often paid only by one household bearing the total compensation for the cleaning services whereas part-time cleaners would only dedicate a part of their working time to your household, making the cost more affordable for you.

Many professional cleaners also prefer part-time work nowadays, as they can go home and spend time with their families after work hours while still earning an appropriate amount through the work that they do.

Should I hire through an agency or independent?

Pros of an independent part-time cleaner include the reduced costs of the service, as well as the schedule and time-frame of the cleaning services. Oftentimes, an independent cleaner can provide you with a cleaning schedule that is most convenient for you.

However, hiring independently can lead to trust issues with a stranger coming into your home, as well as the costs of buying your own cleaning products. You also get no insurance if the cleaner damages an item, and you will have to screen the character and work history of the cleaner yourself.

Hiring a part-time maid from an agency is a more suitable option for most busy homeowners. Most cleaning companies would have part-time cleaning services available for different types of homes, and have already screened, trained, and scheduled the cleaner for you. They may also bring their own cleaning tools, and know how to properly clean items without damaging them.

While not all cleaning companies may offer part-time maid cleaning services, you can go to the official site for information and a full list of services that a cleaning company can offer. You can also check the rates of part-time cleaning services, as well as what to expect a part-time maid can clean around your home.

What a Part-time Maid can do

The tasks of a part-time maid can vary depending on the type of house they’re hired to clean, but the general cleaning chores include dusting, vacuuming, wiping down of surfaces, and cleaning out the trash. They may also make the bed and clean the bathroom if within the discussed scope of work for the day.

What a Part-time Maid cannot do

What part-time maids cannot do are chores that require specialized cleaning tools, or tasks that go beyond the scheduled time for the part-time maid service. Part-time maids cannot deep clean your furniture, and they do not babysit kids either.

Part-time maids will also not cook, bathe your pets, or organize the files in your home office. Their focus is on the task they were hired to do: cleaning your home. Don’t expect them to do yard work either, or any specialized tasks like washing your car. Overall, a part-time maid cleaning service can be helpful for homes that don’t have much time to clean, but don’t require an extensive deep cleaning as well. Part-time cleaners can help in the upkeep of your home!

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