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What’s Behind the Boom in Sailing?

Sailing has taken off in 2022. The events of the past few years have fostered a new-found appreciation of open space and people are eager to get out onto the water and enjoy the sense of freedom with which being on a boat rewards them. The exhilaration of the sea air and the breeze blowing gently in their faces is irresistible, as is the chance to experiment with a new activity… a new type of holiday even. 

So getting out on a boat is the thing to do this year. Below is a look at why the trend has exploded, at some of the other boating trends that have emerged this year, some of the best places to sail to and how you might be able to come by a boat to do this.

Why such a big boom in sailing? 

There are so many reasons why people have started choosing to spend their time on a boat. One is that innovations in boating have made boats easier to use. That doesn’t mean anyone can just jump onto a boat and start sailing it, but with the right training and a little experience, operating a boat has become a much more straightforward endeavour.

Another reason has been the development of new models to attract customers, such as subscriptions and boat clubs. To this, it’s possible to add that technology, in general, has helped to make boating more available and some companies have developed business models that have made it much more affordable to charter a yacht or catamaran, an experience an activity that previous has been perceived as being for the well-off only. The option to book online has also helped make boating more accessible, creating convenience and speeding up the booking process for boat users.

Then there’s the general attraction to the experience. Boating is a luxurious experience, but also a memorable one. Sharing time on a boat with friends or family is something many people will savour and remember for a long time to come.

Further boating trends in 2022

The general craze for boating isn’t the only trend that’s materialised in the boating industry this year. Here are a few more trends the industry is witnessing:

Increase in the popularity of pontoon boats

Pontoon boats have been a fast-growing segment for some time now. These used to be cocktail party type barges, but now people use them for fishing, towing and entertaining. The boats have become equipped with more powerful motors, so don’t be surprised if you see a tritoon coming towards you from the other direction.

Growth of power catamarans

Catamarans are another segment of the industry that has come on strong. They’ve become more available as a boat you can charter instead of owning. The growth of catamarans is understandable, given the advantages they offer. They’re more stable, the accommodation offers more privacy and they offer both more space on the outside and on the inside. 

Best places to take a boat

Of course, the world is full of truly splendid places to travel by boat. Below are some of the best destinations to charter a boat and explore:


Think Florida and the first thing you might think of is Disneyland, but Florida is a fantastic destination in its own right because of the boating opportunities. The famous Florida Keys, consisting of Key Largo, the Lower Keys, Key West, Marathon and Islamorada lend themselves perfectly to boating and exploration. Diving, snorkelling, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and more are all possible at this destination. 

The Bahamas

Boating in the sun-kissed Bahamas may take some planning but is certainly worthwhile. The waters are clear and the temperatures are warm, making it simply irresistible, and they’re also only a day away from Florida. You may find the Berry Islands attractive to explore because they’re more isolated, due to the shallows and rolly anchorages. 

You may also wish to explore the Bimini Islands. North and South Bimini and Cat Cay are all settled. The mysterious slabs of the Bimini Road lie under nearby waters, which has given rise to stories of Atlantis.  


Free Aerial View of a City and Island Stock Photo

There’s no other place you should charter a boat than in Dubrovnik.

Croatia is something of a hidden jewel when it comes to boating. The summertime offers superb weather conditions, inviting you to sail to places such as Dubrovnik; Korkula Town (which has been described as some as a ‘mini Dubrovnik, so why not explore and see if the comparison holds up?); Hvar Island, with Stari Grad being a place where the mythical Jason and the Argonauts are believed to have visited first; and the beautiful Milna Town and Lučice Bay, on Brač Island.

Chartering a boat

These places may seem like dream-like destinations, but chartering a boat is easier than you think. Visit the site of, view the destination, click on the boat you’d like to charter and provide the details of when you’d like to use the boat. You won’t have to go through a long booking process. If the boat is available, you just go ahead and request the booking online. The BorrowaBoat team then processes the booking.

Boating, it seems, is the new cool thing to do this year and is more accessible than it’s ever been. People are seeking to get out on the water and enjoy an experience they’d perceived before as being only for the wealthy. Are you going to get in on the trend?

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