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Bar Harbor Shore Excursions

Going for excursions is one of the exciting things about school that students look forward to. Therefore, parents and school teachers should choose the right places and spots for kids to view beautiful sights and have fun. Bar Harbor is a must see for you and your family. It is a coastal town located in Maine that offers a getaway to the large Acadia national park. Bar Harbor is known for its food, entertainment, and wonderful sights.


Coffee Shops in Bar Harbor

Sometimes all you need to ignite your vibe for the day is a cup of coffee. In this section of the article, we will be looking at some of the coffee shops in Bar Harbor.

  • Coffee Matter: This is a quality coffee shop that meticulously produces coffee in a unique environment.
  • Sunrise Café: A restaurant is known for dishing nourishing meals and drinks. It also operates as a coffee shop and delivers quality.
  • Blackfly Coffee Co: Located in West Street, this coffee shop provides amazing coffee and it also beautiful scenery.
  • Café this way: Though it has a cottage like an appearance, this Café provides world renowned coffee and meals.
  • Lompoc Café & Books: If you seek your choice menu and comfort, this Café has got you covered.
  • A Slice of Eden: This is a bakery that is known for its delicious pastries and creamy coffee.

Hotels in Bar Harbor with Pools

One of the crucial ingredients of an excursion is comfortable accommodation. Hotels are known to offer comfort and warmth because of the premium and star ratings attached to their services. Having a comfortable hotel during your excursion could keep you in good spirits. Having one with a pool is doubly awesome.

  • Harbor side Hotel & Spa: This hotel exudes sophistication and elegance. It also has a refreshing outdoor pool.
  • Bar Harbor Grand Hotel: This hotel is respected for its antique nature. It was built like a 19thcentury mansion. It offers free breakfast and an outdoor pool.
  • Bar Harbor Inn & Spa: At Bar Harbor Inn & Spa, you are offered dining close to the waterfront, a topnotch Spa, and a fitness gym.
  • Hampton Inn Bar Harbor: This hotel offers a business center, a quality gym with efficient equipment, and two swimming pools.
  • West Street Hotel: This hotel provides 85 comfy guest rooms and suites. It also offers a pool.

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Best Ice Cream Shops in Bar Harbor

Who doesn’t crave a huge bowl of delicious ice cream? Ice cream is everyone’s friend and business hence the need to get the best. Here are some of the best ice cream shops in Bar Harbor.

  • Dairy Queen Grill & Chill: This restaurant provides the best of delicious hot meals and ice cream.
    Mount Desert Island Ice Cream: Here, they offer ice cream of various kinds. Their ice cream is one of the best around because it is homemade.
  • Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat: Get the best of ice cream at Udder heaven retreat.
  • Jordan Pond Ice Cream & Fudge: This restaurant is known for its vast varieties of ice cream flavors.
  • CJ’s Big Dipper: This small ice cream shop maintains pressure on its counterparts by dishing consistent quality.
  • Ben & Bill Chocolate Emporium: Get your deserved fill of homemade delicious ice cream at Ben & Bill’s.

Parking in Bar Harbor

The parking charges you incur at Bar Harbor vary with time and place. You need to know that camping is not allowed on public property. While the reverse is the case for private property, it must be done with the owner’s permission. You could pay from 1.5$ to 2$ per hour for your parking space. All these can be done by simply going to the necessary website. However, there are free parking spaces available at some locations for just 15 minutes.

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