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Spelling contests – how they help to learn student’s new vocabulary words?

Whenever it comes to writing an essay or a write-up, spelling is what scares us the most! From children to adults, everyone is afraid of writing wrong spellings in their write-ups. If you write correct spellings of words, it impresses the person reading your write-up. It is a natural talent if you can write an entire piece of write-up without a single spelling error. One event that promotes such talent is the spelling competition. Spelling contests are events held in almost all schools. Some schools often arrange for inter-school spelling contests as well. The contestants for a spelling competition are selected through a preliminary test. Once they pass that test, they can participate in the competition. In a spelling competition, each participant is asked the spellings of several words having a varied difficulty level.


Tips to learn 9th-grade Spellings

Tips to follow to learn 9th grade vocabulary words are as follows:

  • Increase your vocabulary by reading books. Use the new words that you have learned and keep a note of those words which you will find difficult to remember. This habit will help you to perform well in a spelling competition.
  • Learn the spellings and revise them every week. Keeping a practice will help you to remember the spellings for a long time.
  • Learn the words and also identify how to speak them correctly. It will preclude you from getting baffled for the duration of the competition.
  • Buy a few spelling books of your standard, or you may also buy books of advanced level so that you have a firm grip on spelling.
  • The best means to learn the spellings of words of a different kind is by reading a dictionary. Buy a good dictionary and practice from it.

How to win 9th-grade spelling contests?

Keep the following things in mind for the time of the spelling competition:-

  • Remain cool. Don’t be unnecessarily tense.
  • Take time while spelling out the given word. Say it loud once you are done spelling it in your mind.
  • Use your fingers while spelling out the word so that you don’t miss out on an alphabet.
  • Hear the word properly before spelling it out. Once you start to spell it out loud without hearing the word properly, your chances of saying the wrong spelling increase.
  • Remain calm and stressed so that you can say the right spelling.

Apart from the above tips and strategies, go through several spelling bee words to have a fair idea of the competition. You have to work hard if you want to participate in national or international level spelling contests. The winner of such contests gets a large amount of cash as a prize.

Importance of 9th-grade Spelling contests

Spelling contests take place for different age groups. You have to select the age group to which you belong and participate in it. Participation in spelling contests will help in several ways.

  • Spelling contests help the contestants to become confident.
  • These competitions also help the participants to improve their speaking skills and vedic maths skills.
  • Such events teach the participants to thrive through tremendous pressure.
  • These competitions also make the participants aware of the pronunciation of different words. Hence, it improves their reading skills.
  • Participation in Spelling contests and securing a good position can boost your career.

 If you are in your 9th standard and want to participate in such contests, learn all the 9th-grade vocabulary words properly. You may also study some words of progressive levels.

However, Spellings have certain disadvantages as well. They can make your children disheartened. 

Such competitions may create overpressure on the children. Students, who suffer from dyslexia, language impairment, or other learning disabilities, face difficulties in learning the spelling of words.

Many people also complain that spelling contests are all about memorizing spelling.


Never ignore your studies to make time for spelling. However, participation in such competitions sets a competitive mind. You will also get to learn a lot of things if you participate in spelling contests. You will learn how to give quick reactions and speed up your thought process. All these will help you in your future.

You may go through the given link to make your grip strong

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