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Why Is Australia Always a Popular Studying Destination for Students

Over the years, thousands of overseas students have been choosing to migrate to Australia for education, making Australia a leading global study destination. Of the top 100 universities around the globe, 8 are in Australia. The reasons behind such a massive influx of international students include world-class academic facilities, post-study job options, and high quality of living. Regardless of the course you choose, you can reach the height of unparalleled academic excellence. The only thing you will need is the Student Visa Subclass 500.

Go through the following sections to know why Australia is so popular as a student destination for so many years.

Much easier access to student visas

Compared to other countries, getting Australian student visas is a lot easier. There are plenty of requirements that you must meet. But once you start the application procedure, you will not face much difficulty. Your Student Visa 500 application can be easily approved if your documents are correctly arranged, and you enter accurate information. A registered migration agent from Adelaide can be of great help for the best outcome and valuable guidance.

Abundant courses and universities to choose from

    • Some of the most crucial reasons are the quality of education offered, variety in courses, and abundant job opportunities after study.

    • Across 1100 Australian universities and institutes, 22000 courses are available. Thus, you can have a range of options to choose your desired course.

    • VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses are highly popular in Australia. So, if you want to choose a more job-oriented or technical course, Australia should be your option.
Innovative teaching system

Top experts are recruited in these institutions. They take a very innovative approach while teaching. Thus, you can learn the best knowledge in the best possible manner.
Internationally accredited qualifications

       You will never experience any shortage of research facilities.

    • Because of their teaching system, eight Australian universities always come in the top 100 universities under Times Higher Education Rankings and QS World Ranking.

It also provides the final school leaving certificate, known as the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.

Financial assistance from the Government

The Australian Government offers numerous scholarships, bursaries, and grants, which you can use to minimise your tuition fees and other academic expenses. The Government annually spends more than 200 million Euros on scholarships for international students. Thus, even if you come from a humble background, you will still be able to get a world-class education without worrying about the financial arrangement.

Most scholarships cover educational expenses, but if you enrol in a research program, you can get your living costs covered by the scholarships. A good score in academics will be required. Having skills in volunteering and extracurricular activities can also be an advantage.

Health insurance cover

For every student to study in Australia with the Visa Subclass 500, having the Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC is mandatory. Your university can help you purchase it, and during your stay in Australia, this health cover will bear the basic medical and hospital expenses. Not only the students but also the family members migrating with them to Australia can also get benefits if an emergency takes place.

Post-study work opportunities

    • After beginning your course, you will be allowed to work for 40 hours each two weeks and full-time during holidays and weekends.

    • In addition, once your study ends, and the student visa expires, you can apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. It will give you further opportunities to stay, work, and study in Australia.

    • When you choose Australia for study, you are about to get involved in open work culture and gain an unforgettable industry experience.

Rights for international students

When it comes to consumer protection and the implementation of students’ rights, no one can beat Australia. As an international student, you can get the most rigorous consumer protection here.

Cultural diversity

    • Australia is a developed country that experiences the highest number of immigrants in the whole world. Thus, after migrating to Australia, you will get the chance to meet Australian students and students coming from various countries.

    • Over 200 languages and dialects are spoken in Australia.

    • In addition, you can also meet students from your home country. For example, suppose you are coming from India. In that case, you can easily spot a significant number of Indians in your college, whom you can interact with and participate in their festival celebrations. Nearly 96000 Indian people live in New South Wales. In Victoria and Queensland, too, there are several thousands of Indian descendants.

    • Italians, Arabs, Greeks, and Chinese people also come in large numbers. Interacting with them will give you valuable international exposure.

    • All these aspects result in an enriched cultural and linguistic diversity.

Student Essential Services offered by organisations

Several organisations provide exclusive services to students who want to study a full-time course at an Australian institute.

These essential services include Overseas Student Health Cover, guardianship and welfare services, accommodation services, student benefit cards, etc. These services are provided to the students to ensure they do not face any difficulty that may arise in a foreign country.

High standards of scientific research

    • A considerable number of Australian scientists got a Nobel Prize for their remarkable contribution in different research fields. It clearly speaks of the research opportunities and the quality of education that are available in Australia.

       • So, if you want to continue with your research in Australia, do not hesitate. The Government provides endless support in terms of not only funding but laboratories and other facilities too. You can also get some of the best scientists as your guides.

Excellent quality of life

    • Australians are very welcoming to their international guests and can help you understand the different aspects of daily living.

Beautiful landscape

If you want to find some escape from your busy Student Visa Subclass 500schedule, travelling to the country will be the best option. Vast stretches of deserts, beautiful sea beaches, lush green rainforests can be your holiday destinations.

Final words

To enjoy student life in Australia, you first have to get a student visa. Just type ‘immigration agent near me on the Google search bar and explore the results coming on top. In exchange for a fee, a Registered Migration Agent Adelaide can guide you through the process to fulfil your dream.

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