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Why Is There a Need For Website Accessibility? – accessiBe

Hearing that website accessibility is necessary by law for your website could lead to you feeling overwhelmed. To have to go through your whole website, considering the needs of people with many different types of disabilities, may seem like a huge undertaking. Unfortunately, because of this, many companies fail to act. But in recent years, the number of legal cases being brought against companies who have failed to act is quickly on the rise. Some companies have not survived the hit on their finances, or the damage done to their reputation, which is a shame when there are companies out there like accessiBe that can help make your website accessible. 

While obviously obeying the law is a key reason to make sure your website is accessible, it is not the only reason. Above all else, it is the right thing to do. No one should feel that they have been left out because of a disability. But think about your own business for a second. The goal for any business is to attract as many customers as they possibly can. Did you know, there are estimated to be over one billion disabled people in the world? Think of the potential increase to your business by making it accessible to so many more people. Another thing to think about is that search engines love an accessible website. By making yours accessible, you are automatically pushing your site further up the rankings on the search engines.

So, what types of improvements are we talking about to make your website more accessible? There are many changes needed to accommodate the many different disabilities people live with. For example, a person with a visual impairment may need to be able to adjust the size of the font on your website to be able to read it. For others though, this might not be enough, and they need someone to read it out loud to them. Someone else might be able to see the screen absolutely fine but they have motor impairments and are unable to use a mouse to navigate your page. They may need to be able to access all parts of your site using only the keyboard. As you can see, the needs of many will vary greatly. 

As we’ve mentioned, all of this could leave you feeling overwhelmed. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are companies out there with software that can be added to your site and will make it fully accessible for you. They’ll even come out and set it up for you. So, take the stress out of the situation, save yourself money and time, along with a potential lawsuit. Protect your company’s reputation and be a good human being and do the right thing. Get yourself the software today and be all set up in a matter of days.

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