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Laravel vs PHP: Which One Will You Choose For Your Project?

Developing websites is the need of time and all sorts of business whether they are small scale or large scale, everyone wants to be present online. So, it is very important to have a dynamic and interactive website which holds the interests of the visitors and makes them spend more time on the website. The selection of the right frontend framework helps in building attractive web applications and so companies hire developers to have the best output. Apart from front-end, it is also necessary to make the selection of back-end framework as it ensures the viability of the application. And two best backend frameworks are PHP and Laravel which are widely being used by the developers. Laravel development company now makes people understand that the best of its web page or application can be created. Although Laravel is written in PHP, still both have different functionalities. And here we are going to discuss it in detail.

So, here we are comparing the programming language with the framework based on that programming language. This helps us to discover the optimum techniques and methodologies for developing dynamic and robust web applications. So, let’s first look into PHP and Laravel individually.



In layman’s language, PHP stands for Personal Home Page. It is also referred as Hypertext Preprocessor which is such a scripting language that helps to automate the tasks from the server’s end while developing the website. Here the developers write the codes from scratch and use it to create the dynamic website. This also gives a chance to test the limitations of the development of web applications.

PHP development company majorly takes projects like to develop the mobile applications of re-commerce business, or any such application which is data-driven. Also, this programming language is very compatible with Oracle, MySQL, and such other database services. So, companies Hire Dedicated PHP Developers so that they get the best outcome.

PHP is being used by almost 29% of the users and developers all across the world. It is used to create such websites which have extensive processing of image, desktop applications, or such websites which need customized scripting of the codes.

Some of the famous companies which are using PHP as their programming language are Wikipedia, Facebook, Etsy, WordPress, Slack, Flickr etc.


Laravel is one of the known PHP-based frameworks which is also open-sourced, so can be easily accessed by a large number of developers and users’ community. It is created by Taylor Otwell and is based on Symphony which provides reusable components of PHP. It is considered as a simple yet powerful language which assists in creative development and enhancing the experience. Here the development becomes quite fun without compromising with the functionalities of the application.

Some of the powerful tools offered by Laravel are integrated unit testing, expressive migration systems, inverted control containers and many more.

Here the websites can be built with predefined themes, customized back-end logic and templates and others. It is majorly used to create the e-learning web apps, multilingual CMS systems, SaaS based web applications, Apps for on-demand streaming etc.

Some of the famous enterprises who have been using Laravel are 9Gag, About you, BBC, Pfizer, Barchart, Neighborhood Lender and many more.


Here, we are going to compare both Laravel and PHP on the basis of certain parameters which will tell us which one excels in which functionality. Below mentioned are the different parameters:

  • Structure

The structure of Laravel is based as per MVC development pattern while PHP follows the modular structure. So, the clear winner will be Laravel on this parameter.

  • Development Quality

The Laravel framework offers a very safe and sharing environment which gives the developers the flexibility to exchange their code pieces which is then logically structured as per the requirement of the application. It also offers beginners to write a simple and clear code which is even reliable to work upon further.

While coding in PHP completely depends upon the expertise level of the developers. Also, PHP doesn’t facilitate any defined structure of the app so developers can sort out the coding issues using different kinds of logical steps. So, here the quality of coding completely depends upon the knowledge and coding skill of the developers.

  • Reusability of the Code

Although PHP supports the faster development process, Laravel has the biggest advantage of reusing the code. Thus, if the code can be used again, major time and effort is saved, and the developers do not need to begin from scratch as they can reuse the code from the existing application. So, here again Laravel is considered above PHP.

  • Learning Curve

In Laravel, there are many pre-set structures available, so they do not need to get in deep and any beginner can also develop the website using the available options. As many of the steps in Laravel are either automated or pre-set, so if the developers have full knowledge of their functionalities, then it is very easy for them to develop the websites using the pre-set features.

But in the case of PHP, one needs to have knowledge of code and programming and the core developers can experiment with their codes depending upon their knowledge, experience and understanding. They know how to create the same functionality in different ways.

So, Laravel has a comparatively shallow learning curve in comparison to PHP.

  • Scope of Flexibility

Laravel has its own set of rules to be followed strictly while on the other hand PHP is featured enhanced code flexibility.

  • Simplicity and Scalability

If one wants to build simple applications with less extensions and functionalities, then one must go with PHP only. Simple apps do not require much of tools; thus, PHP comes as a time-saver option. But if one wants to build a complex application or website then Laravel is best to go ahead with. Also, \as Laravel has got a very clear vision of progress as it is very easy to scale the apps developed on Laravel. It easily accommodates the changes and needs and scales up as per the requirement.

  • Mechanism of Caching

PHP has no such provision or mechanism of Caching. While Laravel offers Cache back ends with different and varied integrations and configurations.

  • Speed

PHP is quite simple in terms of structure when compared to Laravel. And thus, if the codes are written in crystal clear form, then it is quite speedy because of its simplicity. While on the other hand Laravel has got different layers within its structure which makes it slower in comparison to the PHP. But if we talk about the development speed then it is superb as it has got a variety of debugging tools which allows the developers to create a suitable code with minimum of errors.

  • Security

PHP does not provide any security features and the developers have to build their own security tools to build and support their coding. Here the security rules need to be integrated externally during the process of development. But this is not the case in Laravel as it has got default authentication and authorization service. So, the Laravel users get the advantage of a strong security system which prevents the apps or web pages from vulnerable malware attacks.

  • Error and Exception Handling

Here again, Laravel is the winner as it has an in-built feature of handling error and exception. While PHP does not support the default error and exception handling and the developers have to externally integrate.


The above points clearly feature the advantages and disadvantages of both programming languages, Laravel and PHP. Now, it completely depends on the individual who has to develop the website, what is it’s understanding. So, the selection entirely depends upon the type of project one wants to work upon.

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