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Current Educational Issues in 2021

The educational system faces numerous issues today, especially on the back of the pandemic.

But situations that students consider problematic may be fine to teachers and vice versa. And when you throw parents and lawmakers into the mix, the concepts become more complex.

You may think that tech will solve all the issues in schools, but having tools to edit PDF files and hold virtual classes doesn’t mean all is well with the educational system.

One thing is sure — due to the diversity of its causes, the educational issue in 2021 is worth discussing because the future of society largely depends on it.

So, this article will examine the current academic problems and possible solutions.


Why you need to be aware of educational issues

The first step to solving a problem is to understand it. While many people can solve a problem, they often need to recognize it first.

Keep the involved parties accountable

Issues in teaching, cyberbullying, and parent involvement are solvable if the contributing parties take responsibility. But before urging those involved to take action, they must understand their role in the problem.

By understanding the nature of the problems, students, parents, lawmakers, and taxpayers can contribute meaningfully to solve them. Also, understanding the problem in education is vital because it will help people make better decisions towards improvement.

Involve the public

When the public is fully aware of the situation in the educational system, they can contribute to solving the problems.

For example, public funding has waned since the pandemic. But if individuals and charities see the impact of their inaction on kids’ learning firsthand, they will be motivated to give more.

Educate the next generation

Students should also understand the changes the education system is undergoing to help them adjust early enough.

Since they will become tomorrow’s decision-makers, they are in the best position to influence positive changes in education today.

The problem in the educational system will not impact students and teachers alone, and over time, the effects will ripple throughout society.

No matter your profession or social status, if schools keep producing half-baked graduates, you will experience lower living standards.

Examples of current educational issues

Before discussing possible solutions to current educational issues, let’s look at this list of current issues in education.


Poverty has always been an issue in education. According to Technorati, 22% of children in the United States live below the poverty level.

The report also shows that these students have a high dropout rate and find it difficult to reach their full potential due to their condition.

Moreover, the poor academic performance of students living below the poverty level correlates with their inability to get enough food and sleep.

The school authorities know about the plight of these students. Yet, the effort to make specific necessities available for underprivileged students is often lacking.

Family factors

Family plays a role in the current education issues. It is common knowledge that problems at home contribute significantly to education problems.

Issues like divorce, domestic violence, poverty, and single-parenthood affect the students’ ability to focus on their studies.

Teachers and school authorities try to help and work with these children from disenfranchised communities. Unfortunately, the school’s tactics to help these children are not always enough.

Misuse of technology

The adoption of technology is sweeping through schools worldwide. Young people today have become increasingly used to digital technology. So it isn’t out of place for them to expect it to be part of the learning process.

Experts believe that technology in education offers the potential for more active learning. It also increases collaboration between students and teachers.

Moreover, edtech tools are more accessible for both teachers and students, making them vital to the learning experience.

Technological distractions

Of the current issues in education, distraction by technology is the most glaring. Some students spend valuable study time playing games, shopping online, or checking social media. Others multitask on laptops during lectures, leading to poor performance in exams. And since teachers are judged based on their students’ grades, their failures magnify teaching issues.

Privacy concerns

Technology can threaten the privacy and security of students. Some education technology companies collect sensitive student data and sell them to ad companies. Worse still, non-secure learning devices can put students and schools at risk of hacking, identity theft, and cyberbullying.

How to address the latest issues in education

To solve the problem in education today, stakeholders, government agencies, families, and academic institutions must agree on strategies that put the students’ health and safety first.

Here are ways to address the common issues:

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