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Why Italy is the Perfect Choice for a Destination Wedding

Italy as a country is synonymous with love and romance. It is often the chosen destination for the lavish wedding ceremonies of celebrities and Hollywood stars. At the same time, it continues to garner interest from more and more couples around the world when they are searching for the perfect setting for their nuptials. No matter the theme, time of the year or number of guests planned for your dream wedding, there really is something to suit every bride and groom.


If you are considering a destination wedding, here are just some of the reasons why Italy makes the perfect choice:

Diversity of locations

Italy is renowned for its romantic and eclectic range of available wedding locations and with the help of a wedding planner in Italy you can easily find the ideal one for you. If you wish for a stunning outdoor setting for your wedding, the options are endless. Getting married by the shores of Lake Garda or along wonderful beaches and terraces overlooking the dramatic Amalfi coast would be ideal. On the other hand, if you are in search of a magical indoor setting, consider the abundance of architectural gems to be found in Venice or Rome, medieval castles in the enchanting Tuscan countryside, or elegant villas on offer in Lake Como. These spectacular locations will create idyllic backdrops to enhance the work of your photographer and videographer. Whether you plan for a classic fairy-tale wedding, a glamours upscale event or charming rustic ceremony, there is something to fulfil the needs of every bride and groom, making it the perfect choice for a destination wedding.

The climate

The Mediterranean climate results in mild weather across Italy for much of the year. Whilst you may need to offer your guests with a wedding favour of a fan to keep cool in peak summer, the weather will usually be clear and bright. Areas of the south and the island of Sicily will remain warm and sunny well into the autumn months. The pleasant climate will enable you to experience your ideal day and ensure everything goes to plan, whether you wedding day is set for winter or summer.

Outstanding food and wine

Italians pride themselves on the strength of their food culture. A destination wedding in Italy will undoubtedly provide the wedding guests with a gastronomic feast consisting of several courses. The seasonal, locally sourced cuisine and wine will certainly satisfy the wedding guests.

Easily accessible

Italy is very easily accessible and relatively inexpensive especially from destinations across Europe but also from North American, making the journey to Italy possible for many foreigners. It is a popular option among foreigners planning smaller wedding parties, where the wedding itself can easily be the starting point for a wonderful holiday.

From wedding to honeymoon

Another reason Italy is a popular destination wedding location is once the wedding celebrations have come to an end you can immediately switch to honeymoon mode and continue you time spend exploring the treasures of Italy. You can choose from a variety of resorts or travel across regions to visit the cities, beaches and vineyards, all the making of a memorable honeymoon are available to you. You can stay in luxurious Italian villas for rent Tuscany and spend your honeymoon with panoramic views, wine tours, and rich culture of this Italian region.


Italy is characterized by its romance and allure of its beautiful regions therefore you will be guaranteed a most magical wedding. It is clear to see why an increasing number of couples are choosing a destination wedding in Italy.

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