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With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading so rapidly, attracting buyers with the products in a physical departmental store was impossible. E-commerce quickly grabbed the opportunity as most of the brands shifted their businesses online. In no time, over 24 million online stores were established all requiring attention of the same shopper which significantly increased competition. It was now very necessary for the brands to stand out for their customer’s attention which could only be achieved through Digital Shelf Analytics.


In physical retail stores, shoppers can browse through hundreds of products before making a final purchase. However, in an online platform shoppers grab attention through Google search results, third-party marketplaces, mobile applications, and other e-commerce channels.

A Digital Shelf is such representation of a brand’s products that enable consumers to discover, analyze and make a final purchase through digital channels efficiently.

With emerging online stores, your visibility and distinctiveness should be visible and upgraded for the consumers to choose you over your competitors. Your prominence on the first page of digital shelves and search results ensures that more shoppers are going to approach your brand.


Winning Digital Shelf is not as easy as it seems because of the multiple parameters that need to be monitored, reviewed, and upgraded for you to be ranked higher in your digital performance. Following are some factors that could effectively optimize your online visibility and boost your sales.

  • Product Descriptions should be accurately stated- benefits, uses, weight, measurements, ingredients, instructions- so to provide your audience with all the relevant knowledge of your product.
  • Optimum inventory levels of all products should be maintained to not disappoint your customer and you can then also take advantage of the market if your competitor is out of stock.
  • Optimize your online visibility so to improve your search rankings. Adding necessary keywords, making appropriate product categorization, and competitively pricing your products will together result in improved visibility.
  • Tracking customer reviews and using them to improve your product’s features is very important. Maximize positive customer reviews as it plays a very major role in encouraging the audience to buy your products. These positive reviews will make the audience trust your brand and will also increase the conversion rate.
  • Understand your online customers’ shopping habits like is there a majority of bulk or single purchasing so to introduce promotional offers for your customers accordingly.
  • Product listings should be carefully and comprehensively written including the research tools so to ensure that your product appears when relevant search filters are applied.
  • You should timely ensure that your products are competitively priced. Also, your pricing tools should be dynamic to keep up with the price changes according to the competitor pricing or changing market trends.

Any of the missing factors can significantly deteriorate your sales and visibility. 

INTELLIGENCE NODE knows the importance of winning the digital shelf and through its digital software ensures that you win a first page visibility, boost your search rankings, and improve your conversions.

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