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4 Gifting Tips and Ideas in Canada

There are several ways to celebrate Canada Day with gifts. Besides purchasing maple syrup and Tim Hortons products, you can also buy Canadian moose stuffed animals. Whether your gift is for a family member, friend, or co-worker, there are many ways to make the celebration special for the recipient.


1. Maple syrup

A gift of maple syrup is a wonderful gift idea for the holidays. It’s not only used in pancakes but also makes great candies and toffees. You can even find maple bath bombs with the delicious smell of maple syrup. Each one features a cute maple leaf design.

Not only is maple syrup a delicious treat, but it also has a fascinating history. Indigenous people in Canada have been tapping maple trees and collecting sap for centuries. Today, maple syrup production is a major industry in Canada and Quebec accounts for most of the world’s supply.

If you want to give a gift that is unique and personalized, consider Baskits

A gift of maple syrup is a wonderful gift idea for the holidays.
Image Source: Baskits

Whether you are shopping for friends, family members, or coworkers, a thoughtful gift basket is sure to be appreciated. Filled with everything from handmade cookies and spiced hot chocolate mixes to candy canes and party poppers, these festive bundles offer something for everyone on your list. So why not give the gift of good cheer this year? With a beautiful gift basket filled with all of your loved ones’ favorite holiday treats, they are sure to have an extra jolly Christmas!

2. Hockey

If you know a hockey fan, you can find great gifts for them on the internet. Many players love hockey-themed gifts. Some gifts can be practical, like hockey stick cases. Others are fun, like hockey helmet liners that absorb sweat. Those who love hockey will appreciate any gift that shows you care.

For true hockey fans, an official jersey is an excellent gift. While it may cost a little more, it is a great souvenir. But if your gift is more personal, choose an unofficial jersey. A hockey onesie is a great gift for a young fan who is growing up fast. There are even a few that can be personalized.

3. Canadian moose stuffed animals

A moose stuffed animal is a classic gift in Canada. These stuffed animals are often dressed in a Mounted Police uniform and are a wonderful gift for a moose lover. You can buy these stuffed animals at souvenir shops in Canada.

Canadian moose stuffed animals are great gift ideas for children. You can also buy them as a gift for your family and friends. Moose stuffed animals come in a variety of styles and colors. If you don’t have any specific design in mind, you can custom-order one.

As anyone who has spent time in Canada will know, the country is known for its natural beauty and a wide variety of wildlife. Amongst the most iconic animals found in Canada are the majestic moose, with their long snouts, fuzzy ears, and impressive antlers. 

These animals are famed for their size and strength, but many people may not be aware that there is another side to the magnificent moose – their cute and cuddly stuffed animal counterparts! Indeed, the Canadian market is filled with countless adorable moose plush toys made from a variety of materials, such as faux fur or soft cotton. 

4. Travel guides

Whether your loved one lives in Canada or just loves to travel, you can find a perfect gift for him or her. Travel guides are a great choice. There are several guides to Canada, such as the Rough Guide to Canada or Lonely Planet Canada. These guides are great for the budget traveler. Travelers may also enjoy receiving a Canadian-themed passport cover. These can be purchased on online sites such as Zazzle.

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