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Are you an estate agent? Here are 12 tips to keep you alive to beat your competitors

As an estate agent, you may be directly dealing with many competitors operating in the same area as you. So how can you beat your competitors and keep yourself alive in the industry? There are many tips you can follow to achieve this goal. As a start, you can use the latest tools like the online valuation tool to impress your clients. If they are looking for estate agent services they can book a valuation from your agency and you can use this opportunity to make them your clients. 

There are also other strategies you can follow to beat your competitors. Have a look. 


1. Create an impressive homepage 

Many people will look at your business website and get an impression of your estate agency from that point onwards. So an impressive website will increase your credibility. Have vibrant images and videos, post content consistently, and have a great interface so the visitors will find it easy to use and engaging. 

2. Post amazing property listings 

Today’s customers have become very shrewd in finding the properties they want online. So if you are posting property listings online, you have to post only attractive images of properties. Also, try offering visual tours of the property so you can look more distinguished than your competitors. 

3. Get a photographer 

If you want to click professional photographs of your properties and its architecture then hire a professional photographer. They know what the right angles are to make the property look wonderful to the eyes and on the screen. But if you don’t need a photographer you can use sophisticated equipment to click great pictures. 

4. Pay attention to user experience 

If you have a website, pay attention to how easy it is for your visitors to access it. As user experience is important if you want you beat your competitors. Have a glimpse of your competitor’s site and check what they are doing to make people access their site. But don’t offer the same thing that your competitors are offering because your website has to look different so instead do it better than them.

5. Use the right hashtags on social media 

There are lots of popular hashtags on social media so you have to know what you need to use to make your posts trending on the platform. It has to be relevant to the audience you are trying to attract and engage. 

6. Build a business profile on Google 

If you want to get listed on Google pages, build a great business profile. It is a free listing which will make it easy for potential leads to find you. For instance, a person can call you or book an appointment, ask questions, view property listings, and more if you have a business profile. 

7. Write a feature on local magazines 

If you want your brand to shine, you can select a local publication and write a feature or a column about your estate agency. Instead of marketing your brand directly, you can share a piece of advice or your opinion about the property market or matters related to it. You can also list reasons why your area is becoming popular in the real estate industry.

8. Host free seminars 

You can host seminars so people in your community will know about your brand and recognize it properly. You can share some of the knowledge you have gathered all the years to your advantage and the advantage of others. People will surely listen to it if it benefits them. 

9. Partner with nearby businesses 

If you want to become well known in your region, befriend the local business owners because they will help you, directly or indirectly, to make your estate business famous. For instance, collaborate with the local café to sell beverages with the logo of your brand on the mugs. Or partner with the local movers so they can give you quality referrals.

10. Create a business card 

If you want your estate business to look professional, you can print impressive business cards with your email signature. Leave the cards in places where potential leads can find it and contact you.  

11.  Use animated videos 

To capture the attention of your audience, you can use animated videos which are interesting and funny. Short and high-quality videos with cartoons will help you to convey messages to potential clients in a playful way. 

12. Seasonal promotions 

Use the holidays and social awareness days to your advantage by spreading a positive message to your audience and, at the same time, promoting your brand. These seasonal holidays will offer you tons of ideas to market your business. So get creative. 

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