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Diversification: A Key Growth Strategy of Ali Buhindi’s business

Every entrepreneur wants to have a diversified business portfolio. After all, it protects them from industry-specific issues. Ali Buhindi has achieved what every business owner hopes to do. Not only has he diversified his portfolio, but diversification is a crucial growth strategy for his business empire. 

Born in Qatar, Ali Buhindi lived there until he turned 26. Though the nation is small, with a population of only 2.68 million, it recently put itself on the map by hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup. A small nation situated in the Gulf made it difficult for Ali to achieve his dreams of creating a global business empire. Instead, he needed to tap into the world’s largest consumer market: the United States. Hence, he decided to move to the land of opportunities.

Ali Buhindi already had a master’s degree in business. In addition, he was also always a people person, enjoying establishing relationships and meeting new people. As a social person, he was well-suited to take his people skills to the business world. This dynamic entrepreneur started off in the IT industry. He had learned about the field from his father, whose passion radiated brightly. It rubbed off on him, piquing Ali’s interest in the area. He still loves it to his day. 

A successful IT business prompted Ali to start multiple companies in the contracting field. But he didn’t want to place all his eggs in one basket. So, he considered diversifying. He wanted to enter fields that interested him. Hence, he started establishing restaurants. He also liked cars. Therefore, he entered the automobile industry. 

Today, he’s a successful entrepreneur who has made it in America. He’s the American success story. However, things weren’t always easy. Instead, it required cultivating his character from a young age. He firmly believes that nothing’s impossible in this world. If you want something, you must strive hard for it and never give up because failure is never fatal, and success is never final.

Ali’s success can also be credited to his mindset. He understands that life isn’t all smooth sailing. Things don’t always work out as anticipated. Therefore, you must be patient because you’ll achieve your goals, provided you keep picking yourself up off the floor and trying your best. He understands this from personal experience as he faced numerous trials and tribulations that have pushed him to his limits. However, he’s always found a way to stand tall and face these challenges head-on, and that’s why he’s so successful.

This is not all! Ali Buhindi also credits his success to God and his mother. As a successful entrepreneur, Ali loves getting to know different cultures, civilizations, and people. It’s a joy for him to build relationships with people from different walks of life. Apart from that, his success has taught him to be grateful for everything he has achieved. It’s a daily reminder to refrain from giving up because life is beautiful. More importantly, this life is just a test that everyone must learn to navigate. 

When it comes to achievements, Ali has a long list and he’s proud of each one of them. He’s proud to be a university graduate. Similarly, he celebrates the business empire he’s built after years of hard work. Moving to the United States wasn’t easy after living in Qatar for nearly three decades. But he did it. 

However, that doesn’t mean Ali Buhindi is content with what he’s done. He doesn’t plan to rest on his laurels anytime soon. Until then, you’ll find him playing sports, doing light exercises, and planning forest and adventure trips with his friends to relax. Meanwhile, his goal remains the same: expanding his business empire to unprecedented heights.  

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