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Granite or Marble are both the most common materials for kitchen countertops. However, both the materials are equally pretty and highly sought after surfacing materials. But each one has its own attributes. Moreover, you can simply make a granite countertops suppliers list to efficiently choose countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom. 

So, by weighing the pros, and cons of both materials. You can come to the point to decide either marble or granite for your countertop. Moreover, the choice solely depends on the aesthetics of the material you want. Your budget and maintenance you’re willing to do. 

So, here we discuss the pros, cons, characters, and features of these two natural stones. Therefore, let’s see who will win this Granite vs Marble debate? Hopefully, this article will explain briefly the best countertop material. Let’s Go!


List Of Content:

  • Basics Of Marble Stone
  • Basics Of Granite Stone
  • Granite VS Marble
  • Pros And Cons Of Granite VS Marble
  • Granite Countertops Suppliers
  • Conclusion

Basics Of Granite Stone:

Granite is a natural stone that is mostly used in kitchen countertops. Moreover, it is quite strengthful and heat resistant. It is quite etch-resistant and highly durable. Thus, this stone is usually in darker tones. Granite usually has diverse color variations. They have dense and intricate veining patterns. Moreover, granite usually has a sleek, shiny, and glossy finish. 

Kinds Of Granite:

  • Himalayan White 
  • Black Galaxy
  • Delicatus White Granite
  • Absolute Black Granite

Basics Of Marble Stone:

Marble too is a creation of nature. So, it is an essential interior décor item of every kitchen and bathroom countertop. Moreover, people glance over marble countertops because of their magnificent beauty and outlook. Marble stone gives more of an aesthetic and glamour touch than functionality. However, marble countertops are comparatively weaker. So, they require regular maintenance and care. If you desire a neutral or lighter tone stone with a matte finish. And sleek veining patterns then marble stone is an opulent choice. 

Kinds Of Marble

  • Calacatta Marble
  • Statuary Marble
  • Crema Marfil Marble
  • Calacatta Marble
  • Venato Marble
  • Tundra Marble

Granite VS Marble:

Granite and Marble both are compared on the basis of daily use. So, the functionality of both natural stones makes them distinct. That’s how the material is chosen for kitchen countertops. Moreover, the following are some features that decide the final stone for use. Such as;


  • Granite is considered more durable and strong than marble. Moreover, it is more scratch and etch-resistant in nature than marble. So, Granite suits best in high traffic and commercial kitchens. Thus, it can resist any potential damage and etc marks. 
  • Granite is relatively much tougher than marble
  • Granite is darker and vibrant in color and outlook. So, any scratch or etch mark is not much visible. However, Marble is much lighter in tone. So, any scratch or etch mark is clearly visible. 
  • Marbles are vulnerable to any chip off or can wear off easily in comparison to Granite. Lastly, on the point of durability Granite is considered more durable than marble.

Heat Resistance:

    • If you are only solely looking for a temperature-resistant stone for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. So, you can go for Granite stone. 
    • Granite can resist temperature limits up to 648C which is fairly impossible or rare. So, granite is best to keep your hot pans and pots directly on it. Moreover, this will not cause much damage, neither any burn marks nor scorching on the countertop. 
  • Although, Marble countertops can only withstand temperatures range up to 248C. 
  • Therefore, be cautious while placing your hot pan and pots directly on the marble. To not cause any damage to the countertop. As it may hit on its heat capacity ability.
  • Lastly, Granite can withstand temperature harshness better than marble. So, it is considered the utmost choice for kitchen countertops.

Care And Maintenance:

    • More or less both the stones require sealing and maintenance. Sealing is actually a practice of applying a chemical called sealant on the countertop surface to fill the open pores and joints. 
    • So, no germs and molds can drip in. Thus, good hygiene practices in the kitchen and bathroom area. 
  • Therefore, Granite is much less porous than marble. So, it doesn’t require frequent sealing and maintenance. They neither absorb anything quickly nor get scratch marks. Usually, granite sealing once every one to five years.
  • However, Marble is more porous than granite. So, it gets stained easily. Thus, you need to seal marble every 3-6 months. This practice is a bit more costly.

Pros And Cons Of Granite VS Marble:

Granite Countertops Pros:

Marble Countertops Pros:

  • Highly Heat proof
  • Less heat resistant
  • More darker in color
  • lighter color/ timeless beauty
  • Low maintenance
  • high maintenance
  • Scratch and Etch mark resistant
  • get stain easily
  • Hard to repair
  • hard to repair too
  • Very Less porous
  • highly porous
  • Highly durable can last for decades
  • opulent feel and less durable than granite
  • Sealing every once in 1-5 years
  • sealing every 3-5 months
  • Fairly less costly
  • Expensive

Cons Of Granite Countertop:

Cons Of Marble Countertop:

  • Granite is slightly porous and fairly expensive.
  • Require Sealing too 
  • Marble is weaker and prone to staining and scratches.
  •  It is a bit more costly

Granite Countertops Suppliers:

If you want to remodel your kitchen interior on a budget. Then Granite is considered the best option. Moreover, granite countertops are highly durable and heat resistant. So, if you’re looking for granite countertop suppliers then Badger Granite is your top favorite. They have high quality, sturdy designs, and affordable prices of granite countertops designs. So, experience Quality over everything. 


If you’re on a hunt to buy the best material for kitchen countertops. However, you could not decide among the top 2 materials. Then read the above article to have a keen knowledge about marble and granite. Moreover, you will also get to know every minor to major detail. The distinct features of both these natural stones. And also the pros and cons of both Granite and Marble.

 Hence, all of the information stated above is quite factual and functional. Moreover, here in this article, you will also be provided with the Granite Countertop Supplier information too. So, you can buy a quality granite countertop for your kitchen. Thus, to make it look so elegant and imperially beautiful.

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