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Home depot health check app explanation

Home deport health check app is introduced by home deport which was founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur blank, Roh brill, Pat Farrah, Kenneth langone in 1978.

With a revenue of 132.11 billion dollar the company has large number of employees that are 500000 and over 2000 stores. It is intended for US associates and asked  SCC non-associates to provide the service in USA, Canada and some parts of Mexico by being one of the largest retailers by supplying tools and products used for constructions and other services. The company also invest for its employees and their welfare. They have made an app known as “Home deport health check app” which provides an option to lead a healthy life, checks whether the employee is exposed to coronavirus person or not, secure your health through this medical related app, where employees can even share the benefits of their health.

The app asks the employee bunch of questions to check that whether the person should be allowed to work or not and later the information is also transferred and shared to government agencies and health authorities if they feel any need of it. You will be given some protocols of your safety and health you are expected to follow these rules. Furthermore it also saves your time by creating shopping list, checking and managing inventory, organizing orders and tracking recipients.

Basic requirements for logging in Home depot

Before logging in you must know the basic and necessary requirements of home deport health check app. You should have following things with you:

  • PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Internet browser
  • Reliable Internet access
  • A valid user ID
  • You should also have your home deport health check login web address for logging in
  • And at last Its password

How to log in Home depot health check :

To access all the benefits of the app you have to join the organization and log in the home deport. To log in you should follow the following guidelines:

  • Approach the official website of Home Depot.
  • When you will visit the home page you will be given two options that are “Associate” and “SCC non-associate”
  • So if you are a contractor vendor or visitor go with SCC non-associate option and if you are an associate go with associate.
  • When you have selected one of them; the system will take you to the new page and there a notice will be provided.
  • Below that notice an “Okay” option will be given.
  • Click on it.

 Associate login:

For an associate employee these steps should be followed

  • You have to enter location on the SSO associate login page but it is optional but you can skip if you want.
  • And then add your user ID and then enter the password
  • Then click on the button sign in

 SCC non-associate login

For the people who are known associates there is a bit separate way to log in all you have to do is:

  • Enter your first name and last name when a new page is appeared after clicking on “Okay” option
  • And then enter your phone number then you will be asked to enter THD contact name but you can skip it if you want.
  • Then enter the badge ID you can even skip this because it is only necessary and required for badged contractors.
  • After completing this step your next task is to enter the name of the company and click on “Submit”

Benefits of Home Depot health check app:

The app has many plus points and amazing services that helps a person and it’s family in several ways. Some of them are following:

  • It can also benefit to persons family members in emergency cases
  • It offers the service for full time, hourly and salaried associates including life insurance, dental, vision, treatment, disability insurance, an accidental death and separation insurance
  • For part time associates it offers dental, vision, treatment, short term disability insurance, and life insurance
  • It gives financial benefits by offering team members stock purchase plan, future builder 4O1K plan, direct deposit and bank incentives an expenditure calculation.
  • It cooperates with employees and gives them time off vacations, holidays, personal leaves, jury responsibilities, days of mourning.
  • Also facility of legal Service plan, veterinary insurance, self insurance, homeowners insurance.

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Bonus tips to use home deport health check app

There are some bonus tips for you to consider while using the app I’m sure it is going to be helpful for use. So do consider the following tips:

  • You should know your personal rights and never share your personal information
  • Make sure that you fill medical form on daily basis
  • Always use  cautions when you start logging in
  • Use secure printer location to print the documents
  • Do answer all the questions correctly because the wrong and incorrect answers will lead you to disciplinary actions under performance criteria
  • The answer should be given with honesty, truth, and sincerity.
  • Also do make sure that you have logged out after completing your access.

 Some more features of health check deport app

Here are some more amazing and wonderful features of the app which are going to give you wonderful experience:

  • GPS is provided.
  • It tracks your health to provide all protocols that can lead you to healthy life.
  • You can make an informed purchase.
  • You can buy medicine from the closest clinical shops from your location.
  • An option to pay online and save the recipients.

Contact information of Home Depot health check

Following are the contact details of Home Depot to health check from where you can easily solve any problems related to this organization for your personal satisfaction. You can contact them at 1800-HOME DEPOT (1-800 446-3337)

 or visit the official website of it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Home Depot health check app made?

The app is designed to provide you many facilities including finding your needs, GPS, barcode reader, quick reviews and ratings, snapping a picture, local ads, special coupons or purchase, making an informed purchase.

Q: Is this app safe to use for our phone?

Yes, the app is totally safe and beneficial for your phone, your time as well as your health.

Q: What does Home Depot ESS means?

It is a type of self service which gives you opportunity every month to view, recheck or change the information associated and related to you. So that the company could easily contact you whenever required and share details about taxes, benefits and other stuff, etc.

Q: What department does the home deport has?

According to the goods and stuffs thy sell to customers they have split into different departments those are lumber, gardening, electrical, lighting, plumbing, bath, flooring, hardware, paint, building  materials,  etc.

Q: What does Home Depot My Apron means?

It is a website developed and designed for the employees of home deport. This app is specifically for employees and the network inside the company which cannot be used by every person and it is for the security reasons.

Q: What is the process to get Home Depot my apron?

To get it you have to go to the and then access the employee website. And from this page you can get home deport my apron.

Q: What is health check?

Health check is actually free and no cost checkup of overall body health of a person to check whether a person is all good in his health not. It ensures that he does not have certain diseases like diabetes, kidney related diseases, potential heart diseases, etc.

Q: How to access online chat of Home Depot?

 Home Depot also has online chat system where you can solve your issues 24/7 an you can access it on their online customer support page which is

and you can also contact through a call at 1-800-430-33376 and this number is available from Monday to Sunday.

Final words

 So that is all about home deport health check app. This app is not only for associates but also beneficial for non associates. It has too much services and benefits and I’m sure after reading this article it is going to be difficult for you to not downloading the app. This article has discussed all the details and basic knowledge about the app introduced by the company Home Depot now it is on your hands to decide how to proceed.

But if you are an associate it is not recommended to skip it anyway. It is compulsory and important for the associates to follow it every day and should be skipped only on non working days another thing to consider is not to skip the questionnaire otherwise it will lead you to another consequences.

If you feel any issue or have any question in your mind you can contact Home Depot from the details given in the article.

 Do appreciate our work if it helped you in any way!

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