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How to Buy Good Weed: Finding Quality in Cannabis Flower

It is overwhelming to purchase good weed due to the hundreds of cannabis stores and the massive collection of products. Each brand makes tall claims as to having the most potent and flavorful buds. With the rise in competition, the selection process is becoming even more difficult.

It is more challenging when you are purchasing weed from an online store. Mostly, consumers look for specific strains, THC percentages, and prices before finalizing the purchase. Unfortunately, new and long-time consumers are not aware of what to consider when buying cannabis flowers.


How to Buy Good Weed: Finding Quality in Cannabis Flower

Smoking a superior quality herb promises the best experience, however, a consumer needs to know how to distinguish the best cannabis flower or bud. There are many misconceptions about identifying the top-shelf flower. Hopefully, this guide will help you spot the best cannabis flower or you can purchase it online like i order weed delivery Moncton.

THC Does Not Promise Quality

Most consumers believe a top-shelf cannabis flower is high in THC which is far from the truth. Besides THC, a high-quality cannabis flower has an intricate arrangement of cannabinoids and terpenes. This arrangement is responsible for producing the entourage effect.

Contrarily, if the cannabis flower has high THC but lacks terpenes and cannabinoids, the consumer will experience short-lived and anxiety-stimulating experiences. The consumer is charged extra for the quality cannabis bud because they are paying for components besides THC.


An experienced consumer can determine the quality of cannabis flowers with their smell and freshness. A strong scent is an indicator of top-shelf cannabis products. Experts can determine the terpene profile by just smelling the flower. A pungent aroma is due to dominant terpenes and suggests higher potency and freshness.

In general, a quality cannabis flower smells citrusy, earthy, floral, and fruity. On the contrary, a cheaper bud does not smell loud, similar to old hay or a barn.

The color

Color helps consumers distinguish good cannabis flowers from bad. Check the color scheme and vibrancy to determine if it is fresh or stale. Buds are considered fresh if they have vibrant shades of purple, green, orange, yellow, and red. The intensity and vibrancy of the color scheme will be a giveaway on freshness and quality.


Prior to purchasing any cannabis product, spare time to research the effects. While the effects of strains are different for each individual, it is best to know what to expect. For instance, people suffering from anxiety should not consume flowers with stimulating effects.

Moisture Content

Most dispensaries would not let consumers examine or touch CBD flowers. However, giving a light squeeze will help you determine the moisture content. Higher-quality cannabis nugs have preferred moisture content and feel springy and soft. Dry flowers will fail to produce the desired flavor, aroma, and entourage effect.


Last but not least, bigger buds ensure better quality. While each strain has a distinct size, shape, and texture, small buds are deemed to be of low quality. Many brands filter out small buds during packaging and sell them at a discounted price.

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