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How to Choose the Best Hair Straighteners and Hairdryers for Salon Like Finish at Home

Hair Dryers and hair straighteners have become an essential part of our hair-styling routines. They help us to maintain the intricately stylish haircuts that we get at the salon. One of the hair industry’s trade secrets is that only half of a hairstyle is the way you plan. The other half is the way that you style it. So, to get a salon-like finish at home, a straightener or hairdryer is almost a must. 

Before jumping into buying them, you must understand their uses and what will suit your hair the best. Read along to find out. 

Why Do You Need A Hair Dryer?

  • The first and foremost reason is its primary usage. Hairdryers are essentially needed for blow-drying wet hair. It is a time-efficient tool when compared to air drying. You can dry your hair and set it in less than ten minutes, depending on your hairstyle and hair length.
  • Hairdryers also help to pre-mould your hair into a particular style. It trains your hair to stay in place and look the way you want it to all day. It also causes less frizz and makes your hair look smooth and perfect.  
  • Using a hairdryer also keeps your hair clean in winters and prevents you from catching a cold.

How to Pick the Correct Hair Dryer?

You should consider a few things before buying a hairdryer since they are a one-time investment kind of product.

  • First of all,  check the power of the hairdryer. It needs to be high wattage to work, at least 1800 watts. Most of the professional dryers have a wattage of 3600. Look for a blow dryer with ceramic or tourmaline technology because those materials help the heat to distribute evenly.
  • Make sure that the dryer you get comes with a nozzle attachment. It helps in concentrating the airflow to the area that requires it.
  • A hairdryer usually comes with multiple heat settings. For example, use a higher heat setting to dry your hair after showers and a lower heat setting to style your hair. It prevents your hair from getting damaged by heat.

Why Do You Need A Hair Straightener?

  • Whether you have fine, dense, or curly hair, a straightener will give you pin-straight hair. The main benefit of straightening your hair with a hair straightener is its ability to distribute heat equally.
  • A hair straightener is for all hair types, including straight hair. The reason is that, apart from straightening, they can reduce frizz and smoothening the hair as well.
  • Hair straighteners heat up in seconds and are designed to prevent your hair from drying out too much. 
  • They are also effortless to use and can do the work for a curler as well. So, you can invest in one hair straightener instead of multiple styling tools.

How to Pick the Correct Hair Straightener?

Similar to hairdryers, while using a hair straightener is easy, picking one can be confusing. There are a few things you need to plan before you purchase a hair straightener. 

  • The curlier your hair, the wider the plates of the hair straightener should be. That means if you have tight curls, you need a hair straightener with wider plates. On the other hand, straighteners with narrow plates are perfect for short and wavy hair.
  • Choose hair straighteners that have a variety of heat setting options. Since the straightener directly touches your hair and heats up in seconds, it is wise to use it at a medium temperature setting.
  •  Look for straighteners with titanium or ceramic plates for even distribution of heat. 
  • If you travel often, pick out a travel-size hair straightener. It is easy to carry around. Also, these small straighteners are ideal for straightening bangs or fringes as well.


  • If you have significantly damaged hair, consult a professional or a dermatologist before using heat styling tools.
  • Improper use of hair styling tools can ruin your hair quality. So, always use a heat protecting serum before using them.
  • Avoid extremely high temperatures and stick to low to medium settings.
  • Consult your dermatologist before making this investment if you have conditions like scalp psoriasis, hair fall, or seborrheic dermatitis.

Now that you know what to look for before buying a hairdryer or a hair straightener, we hope you make the best decision.

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