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Styling A Black Tie For Men On Special Occasions

There are ways to screw up a black tie. It represents simplicity and elegance. For those who favour flamboyant wearing styles, it is therefore not their first pick. But how to look your best when your colour options are so constrained remains a mystery.

A black tie for men is typically worn with a black tuxedo and a white dress shirt. There are still a lot of considerations to make when choosing your outfit, so you want to appear balanced and relaxed for the occasion. Pay close attention to how your suit fits first and foremost. A plain appearance can improve if your black suit and tie are fitted correctly. Furthermore, by selecting your accessories and lapel shape correctly, you can add a dash of style.


Black-Tie Attire Is Required For Weddings

You occasionally have to attend weddings where black tie attire is required. Black ties are often not preferred as a dress code, but if they are, then be ready to rock your outfit.

Style Tips For Men Wearing Black Tie On Special Occasions

The peak lapel black tuxedo might be worn on a black tie wedding theme. The advantage of a perfectly cut suit is that it may look formal while still emphasising you. You can choose an alternative approach by selecting a rounder lapel if you prefer that style. You should wear a black shawl-lapel tuxedo, as suggested. Even while it won’t seem as timeless as a black tuxedo, this can make a statement at a black tie affair if worn correctly.

White Shirt

Only white shirts are acceptable under the black tie dress code. A plain white dress shirt with wingtips is appropriate if you like a more formal appearance. Wearing a shirt with a fold-down neck and pleated front can give your outfit a more contemporary feel. Ultimately, you will still have the option to accessorise with charming cufflinks.

Black Bow Tie

For your all-black attire, there are various bow tie-shape possibilities. In addition to the standard butterfly-shaped bow tie, other options include wide and diamond-shaped butterflies.

Uncoloured Pocket Square

The colour contrast between your tuxedo and pocket square is crucial. A linen pocket square in white can complement the outfit.

Shoes In Black

Black-coloured shoes are the best option for black-tie attire. Simple patent shoes are always a possibility. A variety of cap-toe shoe designs and calfskin patterns are available if you wish to dress up.

Cufflinks And Button Studs With Patterns Or In Plain Metal

You don’t have to be picky when choosing cufflinks, which is good news. You can decide whether to keep them plain or have patterned ones; the choice is entirely up to you. The use of extra cufflinks by men is occasionally acceptable. The world is entirely yours, and there are no strict rules. On the other hand, always match your cufflinks with any buttons on the front of your tuxedo shirts

Dark Waist Cover

Although this is the favourite fashion choice, this would be advised if you attend a red-carpet event. However, a vest would be a more refined and contemporary option for your black-tie wedding clothing. Additionally, experts advise you to wear the low-cut vest to make a stronger statement.


You might be invited to other exclusive black-tie affairs besides the wedding if you’re fortunate. The apparel with black tie for men must be made according to whether the event is formal or casual. Make sure your attire is appropriate for the occasion.

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