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How to Cite an Image in MLA:

Basic Guidelines

In order to expand or explain or give an evidence to the statement or argument, students use Images. While writing a paper format students must need to give an image and then cite the source of the image to strengthen their argument. You can learn all this process by using from where you can get experienced guiders in a large number. guides you thoroughly about all the citing process that how you can cite an image in MLA. For this, you need to include webpage, a web-based article, a collection of gallery, database. Then there are also some other details you need to provide while giving citation to an image in MLA format. You need to refer to the name of the creator of image, the title of the image, the Publisher, Date of Publication, and URL.

Basic Guidelines of Citing an Image in MLA:

In order to strengthen your arguments in an article or research paper, you need the reference to different things. One of those things is use of a graph or image. So what ever you have taken from an external source you have to give citation to it. Same is with the using of an image, if you are using it from an external source you have to give citation to the source as it’s one of the important aspects of academic writing style.

For all this you have to follow some of the guidelines such as;

Understanding the image:

You need to be aware of what is image. It’s just the thing you represent in pictorial way, it can be a photograph, graph or any illustration. Whenever you are using an image from an external source for your research paper or essay, you need to be well aware about the image, that from which source you are taking the image, whether it’s from a webpage or databases.

Sometimes you haven’t taken the image from an external source, you have drawn or taken it by yourself then you need to scan it by using your computer and then share it through email or whatever electronic way you want to share that digital image.

Citing An Image:

Now there are two ways of Citing an image depending on its source; if you have taken it from another resource then you have to mention all the details related to image; such as it’s webpage, a web-based article, a collection of gallery, database etc. But If you have created it yourself whether it’s drawing and then converting it or Making it by camera or Mobile you need to mention yourself as the author and then the date of Publication when you have taken the photograph and telling about it’s format whether it is JPEG, GIF, PNG or any other.

Citing a Digital Image from a Website in MLA:

You need to follow the following rules while citing an image from a website in MLA:

  1. Firstly you have to give the name of the creator of the image.
  2. If it’s created by only one person then avoid it but if any other person has contributed to it you have to mention his name too.
  3. Title of the image which should not be italic.
  4. Then you have to refer to the title of the website from which you have taken the image.
  5. Any of the number given with the image.
  6. Publisher if it’s present there which often doesn’t have.
  7. Year when it is created.
  8. Date when it is posted.
  9. URL starting with http:// .

For citing an image in the MLA you need to follow all the rules  given there. You need to consider that whenever a person clicks on the given image he should have access to all the data provided.

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