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International Day Of Older Persons

Did you know that by 2050 the number of older persons will reach more than 1.5 billion? The UN established October 1 as The International Day of Older Persons. The aim of this holiday is to raise awareness about the issues and problems of elderly people. It also aims to promote the development of a society of all ages.


 1. Digital Equity For All Ages  

Digital literacy has become a must in all aspects of life. Being familiar with digital innovations is now more important than ever. Therefore, it is vital for elderly people to have access to the digital world and take a meaningful part in it.

Still, about a half of the world’s population doesn’t have the access to the Internet and the digital world. Some reports also point out that women and elderly people all over the globe experience digital inequity more than any other group.

This is why the theme of this year’s Day of Older Persons is “Digital equity for all ages.” The need for digital innovations doesn’t depend on age. So, it is extremely important to break down traditional stereotypes and prejudice regarding digitalization and grant access to the digital world to all people regardless the gender or age.

 2. Benefits Of Technology For Senior Citizens  

Modern digital devices and apps can help make our lives much easier, simpler, and safer. This is especially important for older people. Older people nowadays have to have a lot of things in mind, such as paying bills or taking medicine on time. Plus they need to learn how to use digital devices. Even though keeping up with all the innovations can be tricky, technology can be of huge help for senior citizens.

Stay in touch

Social connection is crucial for a healthy and long life. Nowadays, elderly people usually live alone, which often makes them feel estranged and lonely. Yet, people who regularly communicate with their friends and family tend to develop healthier habits and live longer.

With tablets, smartphones, or laptops, elderly people can talk to their children and grandchildren around the world from the comfort of their Georgia home.

Medication reminders

One of the greatest technological innovations is medication reminders. One of the greatest worries for older people who live independently is the medication timetable. Most of them often forget to take their medicine at the right time.

Smart pillboxes can be a great solution for this situation. They use audible or visual cues that remind old people that it’s the time for their medicine.

Stay safe and secure

Being safe and secure is important never mind how old you are. With smart home devices, it is much easier to protect your Georgia home. You can connect smart locks and sensors with your smartphone and lock or unlock the door, even when you are not at home.

This could be very handy for elderly people who tend to forget to lock the doors and are prone to losing their keys.

 3. Products And Tips To Get The Older Generation More Tech Savvy Technology  

With a few simple tips, digital innovations will not seem to be so difficult to use. These are some of them.

Smart light bulbs

There are many benefits of smart light bulbs for old people. These are regular LED bulbs with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth receiver. They use voice recognition, which can be of great help to seniors. If you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night just say “Lights on” and there will be light.

Smart bulbs are a great energy saver which also means spending less money on utility bills.

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are some of the greatest devices you can have in your home. They are not the only devices that help you control the temperature in the room. Nowadays, they have different features that make the lives of elderly people easier and simpler.

With smart thermostats, you can set the temperature from the comfort of your couch or from anywhere else. Besides this, they can save you a lot of money. For instance, if you set the ideal temperature when you are not at home, your heating and AC system will use less electricity and natural gas. This will bring you lower Gas South bills.

Final thoughts

It’s not easy to be a senior and keep up with the technology. But, if you understand the importance of it and how much easier your life could be, maybe you will ask your grandchildren to teach you something about it?

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