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The Many Uses of Kiss Cutting Services

People often hear the term kiss cutting and wonder what the term means. When you kiss someone, you don’t cut them. This serves as a manufacturing term and refers to a process where a material is cut. The cutting process pierces the upper layers of the material while leaving the back layer intact. This back layer consists of a carrier tape, a silicone release layer, or something of that nature. Manufacturers prefer this process because of its precision. When do manufacturers use kiss cutting? What products do they produce using this method?


Bring to mind adhesive labels. Most likely, manufacturers created these labels using Kiss Cutting Services. When cutting the material, the machine pierces the top layer to create the outline of the label. This allows the label to separate from the backing and be used wherever needed. With kiss cutting, the person requesting the labels determines the shape, design, and configuration. Companies find many uses for these labels. They may use the labels to price items, advertise the business, or for mailing.


Gaskets serve many uses and come in a range of materials. Kiss-cutting services allow gaskets to be made from nitrile, flexible graphite, rubber, vinyl, and more. Once customers select a material, the manufacturer adheres it to a pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed material. They then cut the gasket, and the completed rolls of gaskets move to assembly operators who remove and apply them.

Manufacturing plants benefit from the use of kiss-cut gaskets. They enhance production thanks to the ease with which users can remove and apply them. This increases efficiency while minimizing production time.

Iron-On Labels

Individuals must know how to take care of their clothing. Iron-on labels provide this information in many garments today. Kiss-cut, iron-on labels ensure this information is visible, recognizable, and distinct. As a result, many clothing makers choose this option today over others available.

The clothing manufacturer designs the label to make it easy for consumers to recognize the brand. They select the style, shape, and design while ensuring this information appears professional and appealing. Furthermore, the use of these labels makes it easy to read the information. The clothing maker might use the label for other purposes as well.

For example, the company might choose to label each employee’s uniform rather than embroidering it. They can add the company logo, the name of the employee, and their position within the organization. Employees love the personalized nature of these labels, which adds professionalism to the uniform.

Adhesive Tape

Look around when driving. How many vehicles today have emblems? Manufacturers often create these emblems using kiss-cutting services. However, they aren’t alone. Companies making optical pads, pricing labels, and more also choose this manufacturing method. They love how convenient and easy it is to use the adhesive stickers produced. Furthermore, the adhesive tape solutions come in many sizes, shapes, and configurations, allowing each company to choose the tape design that best meets their needs.

If you plan to produce an item that needs to separate from its backing, consider kiss-cutting for the manufacturing method. This process works with a range of materials and allows customization of the items. Learn more today to see if this option is right for you.

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