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Moviesda: Hub of Tamil Movies, Download Any Tamil Movie Here

Moviesda is a website that uploads pirated Tamil movies. Since this website uploads pirated movies, it is illegal. The website is a hub for many Tamil movies, both the latest and older ones. A person using the Moviesda website can download all the movies available for free. If you want to watch great Tamil movies and are looking for a site to download them, you have landed at the right article. In this article, you will learn about Moviesda, a website that provides Tamil movies to the users, and that too, for free.

In these modern times, we all have a hectic schedule, and we are usually not able to take time out for ourselves and our families. Movies, documentaries, and web series are significant sources of entertainment and information in this present era. Cinema has always been a part of our lives, and it influences a substantial part of our society. Movies are not only a source of entertainment, but they also spread awareness among people. 

Movies enlighten people who are not much aware of certain social evils. For some people, movies and characters inspire them to change their lives entirely by giving a different shape to their thoughts. They lower our tension and anxiety and brighten our mood.

In older times, the whole village used to sit together and watch movies. With new technologies coming up, people used to go to cinema halls to watch movies. But now we have computers, laptops, and mobile phones with us. Everything is accessible to us, and we can get the whole world in our hands with a single touch. In such times, watching films has also become more accessible, and with the advent of piracy sites like Moviesda, it has become all the easier to watch movies from the comfort of our home, and that too, for free. 

The presence of these online websites has made watching movies such a pleasurable experience. This is so that people can watch movies whenever they get time. They can also watch part of a movie and the other part later.

People can also watch movies while traveling to avoid getting bored. People love to enjoy their weekends by watching movies in their homes. This saves both time and money for people. They can also connect their phones and laptops to their TV screen, which gives a theatre-like experience. They feel that going to theatres and cinema halls is tiring. So they want to stay at home and chill at the weekends when they get a day off. This makes watching movies a very customized experience.

You can watch movies on the Moviesda website by typing the movie’s name in the search bar. You can also find the movie by typing the name of the cast in the search bar. With a single click on the search button, you can find movies of your choice. You have to write the correct spelling of the movie or cast.

What Makes Moviesda Special?

Moviesda is a viral website and draws a lot of online traffic every day. It has a huge user base in India and some neighboring countries because it has a great user interface (UI) and thus makes the user experience very enjoyable. All the movies are categorized in an organized manner. New Tamil movies are added daily. This attracts netizens, movie enthusiasts, and people who want to relax and enjoy their time.

People of all ages visit this site to have a great time. The movies added on the site are of great quality, and thus users trust this site. They know that they can download the best movie in the best quality. Whenever people want to download a movie, the first name that comes into their mind is Moviesda. 

Another great feature differentiating this site from other sites uploading movies is that they also upload user-requested movies. So if someone feels that the movie of their choice is not already present on the site, they can request the movie, and it will be soon uploaded on the Moviesda website. This feature gives users a sense of control and a feeling of fulfillment of their wishes. Such features make the consumer of the website their greatest marketing manager as their word of mouth brings more and new consumers. The time taken in loading the website is also minimal, thus enriching the user experience. 

This website also has movies arranged according to their release year. This saves time for people looking for a particular year’s film and re-watch any movie to refresh their memories and feel happy. This helps people to navigate through the website.

The website does not only own a collection of original Tamil movies, but it also has a lot of English movies dubbed into Tamil. This makes it a complete website for Tamil films and attracts many people.

We all know that movies are present in many qualities all over the internet. Some people have great internet speed and high data packages and others do not have them. What makes this website unique is the availability of movies in many qualities, which are 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, BluRay, and many other qualities. This makes their users comfortable with their data package. People looking for high-quality movies directly come to this website to get the best film, rather than wasting their time on other sites. This proves to be a great feature of this website, distinguishing it from other similar websites. Over the years, Moviesda has made an everlasting impression on its users.

This website has great Tamil movies like Subramaniapuram, which was released in 2008; Paruthiveeran, which was released in 2007 and Paradesi, which was released in 2013. All these movies have an IMDb rating of more than seven stars. So people looking for these movies come to this website to download them. The download speed on this website is also very high, which again makes a very good impression on the users. Due to these reasons, people again come to the Moviesda site and make it great. By providing the best quality for free, Moviesda is ahead of its competitors in its niche.

To download the movies from the Moviesda website, you need to search their website on Google, currently Then you have to click on the movie you want to watch by searching it. Then select the resolution in which you want to download the movie of your choice. Click on the download button, and the movie will soon be downloaded. It is an easy process. It is recommended to use a VPN so that your security is maintained to a certain extent and your life is not interfered with due to cyber security issues. 

Are Isaimini and Moviesda the Same Websites?

Moviesda and Isiamini have similar user interfaces, but they are different websites. This confusion arises because whenever we search for Moviesda, Isiamini also comes into suggestion. The official website of Moviesda has a link for the website of Isiamini. Hollywood movies are uploaded on the Isiamini website. The same companies manage the websites of Moviesda and Isiamini; that is why you will find a link for Isiamini on the Moviesda website. Moviesda is an older website, and Isiamini later came into existence.

Is It Legal to Download Movies From Moviesda?

It is entirely illegal to download movies from the Moviesda website. This is so because they do not own the copyright of the film they upload. We all know that it is a pirated website, and thus, the government of India has banned this website from stopping copyright infringement. The pirated websites are banned in India and many other countries like the United States of America. You might think that there is nothing wrong with uploading movies on any website, as people get entertainment from downloading films from such websites for free. Not only their money but also their time is saved. 

They feel comfortable and can watch movies with their whole family by sitting in their home. But it is wrong to download and watch movies from such pirated websites because it directly or indirectly harms the producers and the entertainment industry. This is so because people do not buy tickets or watch them from websites having copyrighted the movies. They rather watch it by downloading it for free, which harms the producers financially. In the long run, they face huge losses and are disheartened. Sometimes the movies are leaked even before they are released, which causes a significant loss of time, energy, and efforts of people directly involved in the long process of movie formation. 

FilmyGod: Website to Download the Latest Movies and Web Series

So it is advisable to watch movies in theatres so that the box office collection of movies increases and the whole industry is rejuvenated to deliver the best quality content to the audience. Even if your hard-earned money is being spent on watching movies, we urge you to protect it from sites having copyrighted the film as it promotes people who are working day and night to create the masterpiece you people love to watch. Other sites that upload pirated movies are MovieRulz, TamilYogi, Movie4Me, TamilRockers, and many more. These are options available for downloading movies. We recommend you stay away from the sites not having a secure connection.

You might think that if these websites are banned, how these websites are still present on the web. The answer to this question is simple. The owners of such sites change the domain name and hosting, and thus they are established as a different website. In this way, these websites are not identified, and people can find and download movies. We do not promote piracy and are completely against it. 

Is Using Moviesda Website Safe?

As we all know that Moviesda is an illegal website that uploads pirated content and media, it is not advisable to upload your personal information on this website. Also, the connection to this website is not secure, which means it is not a safe website. Your details will not be safe here, and you need to be fully aware of this fact before using it. Hackers can hack this website, and they might steal your personal information. 

You must not enter your details like your phone number, password, and credit and debit card details on this website and other websites promoting pirated content. Sometimes you are directed to other websites containing irrelevant and pornographic content. You must not be stupid and make yourself prone to hacking just because you want to chill and enjoy movies. We want you to be safe from cyber-attacks. Cyber security is a primary concern these days, and you must use a VPN whenever you are even surfing through such websites.


We do not promote piracy and the use of pirated websites. We understand that it hurts the whole entertainment industry’s ecosystem who are working hard to entertain us, inform us about a specific topic, and make our day. Making a movie is very long and sometimes requires years for writing, filming, and editing the movie. We acknowledge their hard work and request you, people, to watch the film from a reliable and secure source to show your appreciation towards the filmmakers. This article is written to provide information to the readers so that they know the presence of such websites and understand them. The use of pirated websites like Moviesda does not only affect those who earn from movies, but it also puts out cyber security at risk. So please respect and admire the hard work of people involved in filmmaking and enjoy the movies.

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