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Role Of Artificial Intelligence in Tackling Pandemic by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

Data science, machine vision camera learning, deep learning, or artificial intelligence in one form or the other is helping in taming the pandemic. 

Following the impact of Coronavirus and the adverse effects it has had on economies across the world, more and more companies are feeling the need to integrate artificial intelligence technology into their operating models. 

It is observed that many companies are working in tandem with the medical professionals, people from the academic background the heads of educational institutions, and of course government entities to make life easier and hassle-free for the innumerable that are reeling under the impacts of COVID-19. 

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach points out five ways in which Artificial Intelligence is playing a crucial role during the pandemic;

So, here are the various ways in which AI is accelerating a turnaround in countries:

Artificial Intelligence in identifying, tracking, and predicting Coronavirus incidence

If you can monitor the behavior of the virus and track the same, taming it will become easier. By going through posts that are available on social media platforms, from news sources, and authentic government documents, this technology can predict an outbreak. 


Artificial Intelligence aids in the diagnosis of COVID-19

Many companies have taken the initiative to introduce solutions that will help the healthcare workers or the frontline professionals to detect the virus. With the ever-increasing number of people flocking to testing centers, the frontline workers are under a lot of pressure for testing and diagnosis. 

However, with artificial intelligence-driven solutions, the workload is greatly reduced, which also ensures better quality work. 

Faster and better documentation and insurance claims

Many people have bought insurance policies to cover claims due to COVID-19. This implies that there is a lot of administrative work and documentation to be done. 

Many hospitals have launched blockchain platforms that facilitate the processing of claims. This also ensures that there will be reduced interaction between the patient’s family and hospital staff. 

Supplying medical supplies

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach also highlights that in many places drones are helping out by supplying essential medical goods. These aerial AI-enabled vehicles help in transporting medical samples and also materials needed during quarantine at their respective destinations. 

Drones are also helpful in patrolling public places. Most importantly, these aerial vehicles serve as a crucial source of tracking whether or not there are any discrepancies in matters related to social distancing or lacunae in following quarantine measures. Thermal imaging is another area that these drones help with. 

Drug development.

The DeepMind division of Google made use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to find out what proteins form the virus. It also generated a report and published the same so that others can make use of this report and take initiative in developing vaccines and drugs for treating Coronavirus. 

Interestingly, within few weeks since the pandemic broke out, this AI-driven solution predicted drugs that will be most effective and helpful for addressing COVID-19.

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