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The Biggest Living Room Trends to Look Out for in 2022

According to Pinterest, curved couches and walls are the most significant living room trends to look out for in 2022. These furniture pieces are popping up everywhere and are becoming a huge hit. Designer Kristin Bartone attributes this trend to comfort. She believes that rounded forms feel more comfortable than sharp angles. It’s a trend that is sure to continue into the next decade.


Eco-Friendly Materials

Another major trend is using natural, sustainable materials. Instead of using synthetic materials that degrade quickly, you can choose eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources. Those that are eco-friendly include reclaimed wood, bio-glass, recycled metal, and jute. In addition, you can also select finishes that are green and non-toxic. For example, you can choose from finishes that are low-biocide, milk tag, and non-toxic. Finally, softer edges will complement angled pieces and add a romantic feel to your living space.

Color Trends

Color is another trend you’ll want to look out for in 2022. Bright colors will create a positive, uplifting environment. Similarly, primary colors will add color contrast, vibrancy, and interest to any scheme. So whether you’re going for a more neutral look or a bold, striking color palette, florals will make your living room come alive!

Wallpapers & Fabrics

The trend of green is a recurring one. Many major brands have already listed green as their top paint color for 2022. In addition to the use of green paint, interiors will be filled with floral and fauna-patterned wallpapers and fabrics. A new trend for 2022 is to use a green theme in living rooms. The movement is not limited to living rooms; it will extend to dining rooms and bedrooms.

Living Space

As for the color trend, green is still the color of choice for many homeowners. You can find green living rooms in homes worldwide, and they will look stunning in any home. This trend is one to watch out for in 2022, as it will be one of the biggest trends to watch in the next few years. This is an excellent time to incorporate green colors into your living space.

Green & Blue Tones

Colorful living rooms are another trend for the year. Try using vibrant hues for those looking for a bright, uplifting look. This will add character to your living room and provide a sense of escape from a hard day. You can even choose to mix green and blue tones, but be sure to use a combination of both. The key is to find the right balance between your style and the colors in your room.

Texture & Depth

Green living rooms will be everywhere. They’ll be green in the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. It’s all about texture and depth. Changing the color and pattern of a room will be a significant trend in the next few years. Choosing green furniture is a great way to make your home more beautiful. A green interior will not only make your home look more inviting and attractive, but it will be environmentally friendly and help you save money in the long run.

Small Living Room

Adding color to your room can make the area look more inviting and vibrant. It can also be used as an accent color in a neutral space. For example, a glossy table can be used to add interest. However, if you have a small living room, too many textures in the same area can overwhelm the space. If you’re looking for a springtime trend, florals will be popular in 2022. These designs will have an earthier and natural feel.

Accessories & Paints

Colorful pieces are another big trend to look out for in the coming years. These colorful living room accessories and paints provide a happy ambiance during hard times. Combined with neutrals and neutral colors, they make a perfect escape. Using similar colors and patterns will enhance the overall scheme and add layers of interest to the space. In addition, it will add character to the area.

Curved Couches & Walls

One of the most significant living room trends that will come into fashion in the coming years is the move towards softer, more romantic shapes. ManoMano predicts curved couches and walls. Designers are already seeing these styles appear in all kinds of retailers. The reason behind this new trend is comfort – rounded forms feel softer than sharp angles. If you’re unsure what to look for in your living room, here are a few trends you should be on the lookout for in 2022.

Cane & Natural Wood Trend

Mano mano whether you choose to paint or wallpaper, dark walls will make a significant impact on your living room. This style is perfect for homes with warm tones. In addition, this wallcovering will look great with the cane and natural wood trend and can even be used as an accent wall. This trend will be hugely popular in 2022 and is sure to be a hit!

Children Room

Murals. The use of murals is a bold and beautiful way to incorporate wallpaper. Although they were previously reserved for children’s rooms and nurseries, murals are fun and proactive way to create an entire story in a room. These designs are also great for living rooms, as they give the room a mood. With these bold choices, you can accessorize the mural colors and use layers of decor to create a space that looks lived-in.

Dark Walls

Dark walls are also a popular choice for living rooms. Whether you choose to paint them or use wallpaper, you can quickly achieve this trend. They’re a rich, deep blue with powder gray undertones. The dark color of the walls is a good combination with the natural wood and cane trend. You can even use this color as an accent wall. This trend is expected to be big in 2022 and will become even more popular throughout the year.

Dark walls are another trend that’s coming back into fashion this year. It’s a great way to make a room look more spacious and bright. A darker shade of the wall can also highlight certain features in the room. Adding texture is a great way to add character to the living room. And since dark walls are always an accent, they can be used in several ways.


Dark walls are one of the most famous living rooms this year. These are a popular choice for wallpapers, and they’re both stylish and straightforward. A dark wall is a neutral background with a hint of gray on top. This trend is usually very neutral and works well with other colors in the room. It’s essential to think carefully about what kind of furniture you want to purchase and consider the size of the living room before making a final decision.

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