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The Right Way to Get Published on Reputable Websites

Every writer wants to be acknowledged. They get acknowledged by readers, and most good readers are found on big reputable sites. So, it’s only natural if they would want to get published on such sites. However, authority websites already have many writers working for them. 

People even pay them to publish articles, and even then they only choose the topics of their likings. It’s a challenge but it’s not impossible. This article will make this process a little easier for you. 


Make a List of Their Emails

First of all, you should search the websites where you would want to be published. Don’t just pick any website that has a big name. You should pick the site that publishes articles on a niche that you are best at. If it’s a new site, you should write a good piece of news or editorial. 

Make a list of all websites and go to their ‘Contact Us’ pages to fetch their email address. Pick the one email that is supposed to deal with publishing articles. Write down all those emails with the website name and then send them emails one by one. 

Write About Something Interesting 

If you want to increase the chances of getting published, you should not only write an article relevant to the site but also something that is interesting for the readers. For example, you can visit The Doe to find very well-written articles on very interesting and engaging topics. 

Reading those topics and articles will give you an idea of what attracts the reader and publisher. If you want, you can also get published on the same website and reach out to their audience free of cost. It is a credible platform that doesn’t mind publishing good articles no matter who wrote them. 

Show Your Already Published Articles

If you want to get the attention of the recipient and show that you are a professional who respects their platform and isn’t just wasting their time for PR, also attach some already published articles. 

This should catch their attention and they might visit the link to see who published your writing and how good it was. If the sample is good, they are more likely to accept your application. 

Create an Attractive Email Pitch

It’s really important that you write a very convincing email in which you will request them to publish you. You can write one good email and send them to all publishers, but edit it before you hit send to add a personalized touch. 

The recipient should not feel like you are just sending emails to every website. Show that you only want to get published on their platform. 

Take Help of an Outreach Professional

If you don’t see anything working, take the help of an outreach professional. They have links with many bloggers and publishers and are experts at getting content published. They are going to charge you a fee but it is guaranteed that your article will be published on the site of your choice.

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