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The Top 10 Best Features of an Online Invoicing Software.

The Top 10 Best Features of an Online Invoicing Software.

Small business owners understand that time is the most valuable commodity. It is essential to make your time count and maximize it. Invoicing software can help you save hours every month. But where should you begin? What will your company get from online billing software?

Top Features in Invoicing Software You Can’t-Miss

1. Customize your Invoice designs

Although an invoice is a legal document, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be boring. You can create invoice templates online and customize invoices for customers to identify documents sent by your business quickly.

You can customize the billing software by choosing which details you want to display on your invoice. You can also add your company logo, terms and conditions, bank details or e-way number to an invoice.

2. Reminders and payment receipts should be issued

Invoicing software in India should also include a payment receipt, which you can send customers after they have paid the invoice. It will allow them to see proof that they had received their money and notified when it was delivered.

Invoices must be organized and consolidated accurately by organizations. A sound invoicing system will help businesses keep track of their payments. Companies that depend on cash flow also need reminders about past due amounts.

3. GST Compatibility

This feature is essential if your company is GST registered or you must register it in the future. This feature automatically determines whether IGST, CGST, or SGST should apply. The tool also automatically calculates your tax amount, reducing errors and human input.

4. Online payments

To get paid quickly, offer customers multiple payment options. Therefore, your invoicing software should be able to accept online payments.

You can attach a payment link to your invoice directly to avoid miscommunications with your customer. This simple and effective feature will speed up the process.

5. Send delivery notes and create quotes

Although all invoicing software can create an invoice, sometimes customers may not be ready for purchase. You will need to create a quote instead of an invoice in this case. The software allows you to generate quotations for customers quickly and convert them into invoices once they are accepted.

It allows your customers to track their orders and gives proof of a mistake.

Invoicing software can save you both time and effort. Once you have entered the information, invoicing software will convert it into any format you require.

6. Manage your accounts

Software that invoices should allow you to access your financial information. There may be concerns when filing taxes for business owners. Your collaboration is easier when you use invoicing software to manage your accounts.

7. It can set up invoices to recur

There may be regular customers to whom you ship products and services. Good invoicing software can create recurring invoices sent automatically, rather than sending separate invoices to each customer. This time-saving feature will help you save even more time.

8. Invoice your customers using their language

Businesses must communicate clearly with customers to have positive customer relations. Intelligent invoicing software can recognize this and allow you to invoice customers in multiple languages.

9. Automated reports can generate

Invoice Software should provide reports on customer behaviour, payment details and outstanding invoices. Your business might require different types of essays. It would be best to export messages from the software in a format compatible with the existing reporting tool.

You can create custom reports if you need more from your invoice software. If you need to find out which invoices have not been paid in the past 30 days, then you can use the built-in reporting tools to create this report.

10. Activity History

Software that logs every entry can help you identify who is responsible for any change. Software that logs each entry allows you to see when it was created and whether the data entered has been correct.

Closing Thoughts

It is easy to get lost among the many invoicing software options. This one-stop-shop solution offers customizing invoice designs and issuing payment receipts subscriptions. You can also create quotes and delivery notes, manage receivables with client management capabilities, and more. Its GST compatibility. is what your company needs.

Register today for a free trial of the time tracking software and start your journey to growing your business.

It is it for today! We hope that you enjoyed this blog. If we missed anything, please let us know in the comments section.

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Advika Apte is a serial entrepreneur at Techimply, with experience in the technology-driven field. She’s keen to share her knowledge on a few technology-related topics with readers that can assist any kind of business. Her passion for helping others keeps her motivated.

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