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5 Places You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Visit To Japan

Are you planning to visit Japan? As one of the leading nations in industry and technology, this East Asian country is rich in history. Even to this day, it is still evident in its culture and art. 

When you visit the Land of the Rising Sun, you should experience the view, the people, nature, the culture, and the modern lifestyle. Surely, your trip will be even more memorable and worthwhile if you have bucket list ideas to make sure you won’t miss the best destinations in this magical place.

Tottori Prefecture

This small prefecture located on the west coast is perfect for tourists looking for a relatively not crowded place compared to other cities in the country. Despite being less crowded, this place boasts its diverse landscapes, offering many different sites you would not have ever thought of experiencing in Japan. A great area for many activities and sightseeing. 

One of the top tourist sites is known as the dunes. It has one of the best and largest dunes found in the country. Stretching in 30 square kilometers, it is situated right by the beach. Sandboarding is the favorite activity here, where you get to slide from the top of the steep hill of sand. Afterward, you can walk across the beach to feel the chilly breeze from the vast sea.

Another interesting spot to visit in this small town is the famous Tottori Yokai Road. This place will be a wonder for Japanese culture enthusiasts and people who like strange but meaningful places. Yokais, according to their folklore, are magical but strange-looking creatures that may cause either fortune or bad luck to people in ancient times. In this place in Tottori, you will see this images of Yokai sculpted across the area. If you want to challenge yourself, you can also collect all the stamps showing the different pictures of Yokai.


If you’re saying “pass” to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the city of Kyoto might be the perfect place for you. This place will display its historical and cultural wealth. As the country’s ancient capital, they made sure to preserve its wonderful places exquisitely. Take yourself to the many sacred temples and shrines and feel peace and silence. Bamboo forests and other Japanese gardens will surely re-energize you for the rest of the trip. Take a stroll on their traditional streets and visit different teahouses, restaurants, and craft shops.


If you want to glimpse into Japan’s technological prowess, you should not miss the country’s electronics district. Also known as Akihabara Electric Town, this place serves as the rendezvous of Japan’s entertainment fans. You will be greeted by buildings covered with LED screens and billboards. Otakus will never get enough of this place as they will find various shops that offer selling collectibles and merchandise for their favorite anime and manga. Make sure to visit the famous Radio Kaikan building for this.

Do not miss out on the unending array of electronic stores. These stores offer quality gadgets manufactured in the country, from cellphones and tablets to computers and other electronic parts. The best thing is that everything is competitively priced and relatively cheap.

Kinosaki Onsen

If you want to experience onsen more traditionally, this is the place for you. Get ready to hop on different hot spring resorts wearing your traditional kimono attire. This specific onsen town is also ideal for first-timers tourists as they are more welcoming, and you can easily communicate in English at some resorts.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

After days of unstoppable activities and sightseeing, this will be your moment to understand even more of Japan’s bitter side of history. Going to the Peace Park and Museum will help you grasp the city’s tragic past and pay respect to the WWII bombing victims. But even amidst this past, the bright people there and the town rebuilt itself up to its beauty today. The famous floating torii gate is also a worthwhile landmark to go to.

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